10 Simple Health Hacks You Can Use Every Day

Health is one of the many important things so many people take for granted. They don’t visit a doctor until they get sick. They start a diet only when they are given the two scary options; either die or diet. And the excuse most of us make is really funny. I DON’T HAVE TIME!! That’s a line that’s now people stick in their forehead with pride.

Fellow excuse makers out there, the lines to come are for no one else but you. I admit that I was in the same boat, until I discovered the following 10 hacks and started implementing them into my everyday life. Those are simple and require no to very little time, but their value is way beyond measure.

Without further ado, let’s jump to the very first hack:

1. Get A Hiit 5 Minute Sweat


Keeping a good figure doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours and hours in the gym. You can get pumped up by simply going for 5 min high intensity workout. It is short, yet enough! And that’s a very good way to give your T levels a hard push. We cover more about T levels on Gainheal.

2. Start Your Day with A Contrast Hydrotherapy


That’s the number two thing to opt for. Taking a hot and cold shower, alternating between the two is the surest way to get your blood pumping into every organ. And that boost of dopamine you get out of that is something worth giving a chunk of you sweet morning sleep for.

3. Skip Breakfast:


Weird, right? I am sure you have heard or read somewhere about something called intermittent fasting. That’s basically dividing your day into two windows, eating and fasting windows. You eat for 8 hours and fast for the rest 16. And the best way is to simply skip breakfast. That works wonders.

4. Mindful Eating


When you eat, you should focus on nothing else but eating. This will not only help your mind calm down, but also your stomach stops asking for more.

5. Breathe The Right Way:


Breathing is another issue we all have serious problems with. We just don’t know how to breathe. Take a close look at babies and model them. In that, they are better than most of us. Do at least 5 min of diaphragmatic breathing every day.

6. Go Dark Or Go home. But Never White!


Chocolate is what I am talking about here. I guess no one really could ever say no to that piece or two of dark chocolate. The good news is you don’t have to feel guilty eating it anymore. Dark chocolate rocks, science says. Don’t believe me? Try it out and see yourself.

7.  Don’t Forget To Coco Brush Your Teeth


Who needs chemicals when Mother Nature has got a clue?! I am sure you can relate to so many uses of coconut oil. But what if you can use the super oil for your teeth as well?! Throw your toothpaste and use coconut. Coconut oil will make your teeth crystal clear, white and most of all bacteria free.

8. Move Around:


Sitting all day long is the fastest track to the graveyard. Move your butt! You are made up to jump, run and just be fully alive. If you can’t go for a walk, get a stand up desk. Run in your place if your pocket can’t afford that.

9. Destress:


Stress is damaging every cell of your body. When you’re stressed out, your body releases toxins that can kill! Take a moment every day and sit still and meditate.

10. A Happy Body Is a Healthy Body


It is no longer a secret that your emotional wellbeing is tied up to your physical health. One affects the other. The best way to get your body in harmony is to simply be grateful, happy, and joyful. Your body will then repair itself without you doing anything. It is made up to act that way!

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Those are some of the healthy tweaks you can incorporate with so much ease to your life. And the benefits they do are way beyond your imagination. Take a moment to get some of those into practice and see the magic yourself.