3 Worthy Points: What is FUT Hair Transplant

Anyone facing the hair loss problem has only one solution to get the permanent hair roots is the hair transplant procedure done by the two scientifically accepted methods known as the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The FUT or the strip method of the surgery is one of the traditional methods to extract the hair roots via the excision of the strip from the safe donor part. The safe donor part of the scalp is usually the back and sides of the scalp that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots. The roots must be obtained in such a manner that they must be kept alive till the placement. However, the dissection of hair roots is performed under the higher magnification of microscopes in order to collect the feasible number of viable grafts. The hair transplant in Delhi allows you to get the restoration procedure done by the assistant of the expert surgeon. Most of the expert surgeon advances the FUT technique as it offers a multiple numbers of grafts in a single session.

What is the FUT Method of the Hair Transplant Surgery?

The FUT or follicular unit transplant is one of the best-selected methods that facilitate the process of hair root extraction only from the reserved donor area, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp. The strip in the procedure is taken out from the DHT-resistant zone followed by the simple incision and closure. The closing part of the surgery is now followed by the advanced Trichophytic closure that gives almost negligible scars in the FUT technique. Apart from the extraction job all the remaining steps in the restoration procedure are all same and applied in both the techniques of the hair restoration.

The Steps involved mainly in the FUT method of the surgery: 3 Worthy Points:-

The Anaesthesia job: The local anaesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery started and the effect goes longer until the procedure completed. The expert surgeon applies the mixture of some special solution in order to make the anaesthesia effect more compatible. One can experience the numbness feeling makes the procedure a completely painless.

The normal incision to get the strip of the skin: The normal incision is made to excise the strip with a certain width, depth and length. Basically, the linear strip is taken out from the safe donor part of the scalp. The length of the excised strip is about 1-1.5x 15–30 cm in size. This incision needs the closing technique in such a manner that the received outcome mimics the natural effect.

The closing of the incision areas: In the FUT technique, the incision areas are closed with the adoption of the advanced method of the closing technique known as the Trichophytic closure. This closure technique improved the camouflage and improved the cosmetic benefits of the method as the edges of the incision overlap each other. The surgeon trims the edges of the wound with upper and lower part in such a manner that the hair growth can be possible directly through the donor scars.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant via the strip or the FUT method of the surgery is an assured way to get the desired number of hair roots/graft to accomplish the need of hair transplant technique. A most accepted technique that can offer a number of grafts just in a single session of the hair restoration procedure.