4 Basic Factors to be Considered For Health Food Packaging.

Health Food Packaging is to be designed with premium quality and packaging should ensure to keep the product fresh and retain the health benefits of the product. A good Food Packaging Machine will help you produce a quality finished product with effective packaging. Food products such as protein powder, flax seed, nuts, coffee and tea powders, candy, vitamins, and supplements etc. requires a good food packaging. A good health food packaging can make a permanent place for your product on market shelves. Therefore, it is very important to consider their basic factors for packaging.

  • Packaging to Protect food products.

Protection of food from nutrient loss and environmental damage is very important and especially when it comes to health food packaging, they should have most possible protection to keep them healthy and fresh. Protection from moisture, air, light, aromatic materials and micro-organisms like bacteria. Health food Packaging should also ensure protect food from physically damaged like damage caused by vibration, snagging, friction and impact. Many types of Food Packaging Machine provide packaging in stand-up pouches and flat pouches help to keep the products protected from environmental damage and nutrient loss.

Considering the type of health food product you can decide what following preservation against deterioration you need. Here are some of them.

  • Lipid oxidation.
  • Microbial growth.
  • Gain or loss of Moisture.
  • Enzymatic degradation and non-enzymatic browning.
  • Aroma loss or gain.
  • Color Changes.

  • Proper food Packaging Material.

Health food Packaging Material should ensure to keep food health. Some materials are harmful to packaging and can cause oxidation reaction within the food. Choose an organic or safest material pouches for your packaging that will add up to your health benefits of the food products. Also, know the strength of packaging materials like tensile strength, Impact resistance strength, Flex and Tear Strength, Stiffness and Burst strength.

  • Printing and Labeling of Nutritional Values.

When it comes to packed health foods, people usually check for the nutrient chart. Therefore, it is very important to display all the nutritional values on the package. Providing a necessary information according to the type of food product will help you gain more customers. The informative package can help you gain the trust of customers to buy the food products.

Labelling should include some basic labels like.

  • Calories.
  • Saturated fats.
  • Tran’s fats.
  • Total Fats.
  • Cholesterol level.
  • Sodium and total carbohydrates.
  • Fiber and sugar.
  • Protein, Vitamins, and minerals.

  • Choosing suitable Food Packaging Machine.

Food packaging industries have different types of equipment and machines for packaging. Every machine has its own properties and features. To ensure the good quality of health food packaging one must wisely choose their food packaging equipment that meets the food product requirements.

Ellen Cone