4 Major Types of Lung Cancer Treatment Explained

Among all cancers, Lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths in India at present. However, with an early diagnosis and treatment, the risk of death can be diminished up to a great extent. The type of lung cancer treatment protocol advised by the doctor actually depends on the stage and nature of cancer.

Generally, lung cancer treatment in India can be divided into following four categories:


Surgery is regarded as one of the most successful ways of treating lung cancer in India. This procedure involves the removal of the tumor along with the diseased part of the lung. The type of surgery used by the surgeon to operate largely depends on the stage, extent and size of the tumor in the lungs. For instance, wedge resection is used when a small part of the lung has to be eliminated and lobectomy Bilobectomy is performed when the entire lobe of the lung has to be removed. Along with this, Pneumonectomy, Thoracotomy (large incision) and VATS or Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (small incision) can be used for Lung Cancer Surgery.

Radiation Therapy:                                             

Radiation therapy is used for a variety of reasons including, shrinking the tumor’s size before surgery, killing the remaining cancerous cells after the surgery, or in some cases, it as a primary method of cancer treatment. It is used as a primary treatment in cases when cancer has expanded significantly making the surgery an infeasible option.


Similar to radiation therapy, chemotherapy is performed to destroy cancerous cells. However, in place of radiation, chemotherapy makes use of special drugs to kill the cancerous growth in patients. The drugs are administered through tablets or intravenous lines. Since chemo can kill healthy cells too, it involves a series of side-effects like appetite loss, hair loss, fatigue, and more.

Complementary Therapies:

Apart from the aforementioned formal line of treatment options, there are many patients that are advised to go for complementary therapies to accompany their regular treatment regime. Such therapies include meditation, yoga, therapeutic Touch, Ayurveda, etc. – merging these techniques with the formal treatment plans (under the supervision of a specialist) can lessen the effects of side effects and provide relief quickly.


Being fatal, lung cancer takes a toll on the mental health of the patient and his or her closed ones. The top-notch centers that are renowned for offering best-quality lung cancer treatment in India have facilities for a detailed consultation on the same either in their own premises or tie-ups with those that provide the same. Following the consultation, the qualified doctors working in these medical units perform a diagnostic procedure, after which the treatment plan is advised by the operating surgeon or the doctor.

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