4 Tips On How to Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite is a common problem of women. Most women complain of those dimpled appearance on their skin which affects their self-confidence. However, cellulite need not increase stress in your life. Lets us tell you how to get rid of cellulite naturally so that your skin looks smooth and young again.

1. Dry brushing technique

This is the easiest and the most effective technique. Take a dry brush and use it on your body. Start from the leg, move upward and make sure that you dry brush from left to right. Keep the movements concentrated towards the heart to improve blood circulation. The dry brushing method increases blood flow, makes the skin look plump and also improves lymphatic drainage.

2. Coffee ground scrub

Coffee is not only good for your mood but for your skin too. Coffee ground mixed with sugar and coconut oil makes a good scrub that can treat cellulite naturally. Mix all the ingredients mentioned and make a fine paste. Massage this paste on your body using firm pressure. Wash off with lukewarm water. Applying this 2-3 times a week would eliminate cellulite.


3. Apple cider vinegar

This is a wonder solution for your skin. Apple cider vinegar is one the best natural elements that can help you to get rid of cellulite. Take one part of apple cider vinegar and mix it with two part of water and add a few drops of honey. Apply this solution on the affected area. Wash off after half an hour. Do this daily till you get rid of cellulite.

4. Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acid

Our diet affects our skin directly. By increasing the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, you can correct the imbalance of fatty acids in the body and get rid of cellulite in the long run. Fatty acids are good for the heart and losing weight and hence would do good to your overall health.

These simple and natural techniques would help you to get rid of cellulite and give your skin a healthy glow.

Stanley Kessinger