5 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

It is not only adults that benefits from the practice of yoga. Children too can be taught how to tap into the unending benefits the ancient practice has to offer. Enrolling them in a yoga class like that of Nurture Yoga Therapy is a good place to start. Below are 5 amazing benefits yoga practice could deliver even to children.

  1. Yoga encourages healthy habits

Many exercise programs done in childhood helps a lot of kids to remain active physically and have a healthy lifestyle. Although yoga does not only teach healthy habits, but also the ability to calm oneself and help the mind to gain focus, it also teaches a healthy approach towards the way we eat.

  1. Yoga helps the mind to Focus

Distractions are very common in today’s world. Kids, these days, seem unable to focus on anything, even within a short period of time. But yoga can be of great help when it comes to that because it teaches them to be in the present, focus and concentrate on their breathing.

Kids learn how breathing can help them throughout that day in any situation they find themselves in. Learning the correct body alignment, kids learn and know how to focus on the pose. In doing so, they will know how to focus on their bodies and also know how their bodies function.

  1. Yoga teaches calming techniques

Most kids’ way of dealing with frustration is by crying and throwing stuff. When they have learned proper and healthy techniques and things needed to focus on the mind, they start to learn how to use the techniques and things in their day-to-day lives and also to respond well to any situation they are in.

As a grown-up adult, I have seen great improvements in this area myself. Imagine what would happen if I knew more of these practice during childhood.

  1. Children learn self-awareness through yoga

When kids are guiding their bodies during the poses, they learn a lot more about their bodies and what they are capable of doing. Kids also learn more about their minds and how they can affect their own attitude and approaches toward life, including others kids attitude.

Kids also learn how to archive self-awareness through their own thoughts and how they choose to react to any situation around them. This awareness of the mind, spirit, body and that of what can be archived works hand in hand, and help kids to have more confidence, to be kind and grow to be responsible adults.

  1. it encourages positive mental health

All the benefits mentioned above tie together, when kids learn to embrace whom they really are with love, to focus on their own mind and gain calmness and to see the goodness in others, and also be very much aware of their capabilities, they learn the tools for resilience.

These kids are likely to be optimistic and also positive about their abilities and life itself. Hopefully, they’ll be less likely to succumb to depression, anxiety and mental illness that are very common today. Yoga teaches kids that only relaxation is not allowed but encouraged. Relaxing is not that easy, and learning it takes more practice. Yoga enables the mind to have space so as to slow down and settle.

Kids are told they need to be productive and engaged always. throughout the day their small minds leap from one activity to another, most often until they sleep off during bedtime. Yoga teaches kids it doesn’t always have to be like that.

If kids can learn how to be still and relaxed, then they’ll be able to handle pressure and stress and will begin to hit them as they grow older.

Actually, kids are natural yogis. The way they have trust in others and lack of inhibitions enables them to get the teachings of yoga and grow inspiring ways from the teachings. From the way kids receives yoga, adult does have a lot to learn. So, if we can lead them there, not only will they benefit but also immensely they’ll enjoy it.