5 Proven effects of Ayahuasca On Mental Health  And Quality of life

It has recently been touted in the medical market that ayahusca, a plant potion which is native to the Amazonian tribes, can work wonders in human welfare.  The people from far off go to the remote locations of Peru at ayahuasca retreat clinics for high life conditions. It is reportedly said to improve a lot of emotional issues like depression, sorrow, dejection and many more as well as many physical ailments.

 More details

The clinical potential of ayahusca is quite noteworthy as it is an age old potion prepared by the learned shamans of the Amazon tribes using different recipes.  This specially brewed drink is prepared from the leaves of the shrub of psychotria viridis and the stalks of banisteriopsis caapi vine which are the two main components of this plant. However, this special tea is not a casual home drink. A shaman or a healer leads the ceremony where people take this drink, usually in groups with special instructions and equipments. So, it is always necessary to visit a ayahuasca centre in Peru for the ultimate ayahuasca experience.

Other inputs

There would be numerous retreats for having a good ayahuasca experience.  However when the tourists are coming from the other corners of the world, it is always best to choose a reliable and best day retreat in Peru. A retreat has to reliable and ethical shamans who assure and lead the ritual well along with a trained medical staff.

 The positive factors.

  1. Many people who have emotional issues like depressions and low confidence struggle at work and home. In many examples, studies have shown that ayahuasca has up leveled their mental status and improved their work and home environment as well.
  2. A lot of worried people can have concentration issues or attention deficiencies, being unable to pay mind to work which leads them in trouble. According to surveys among twenty people, it is indicated that consuming this potion once in every four weeks is extremely beneficial in enhancing your attention span. This holds a great deal for improvement in brain and mental health.
  3. In many case studies, ayahuasca has also been known to treat patients of substance abuse and alcohol addiction, being able to improve their life conditions to a great extent.
  4. People who suffer from hypertension and mood disorders have also been known to benefit from using ayahuasca in case studies.
  5. This plant has properties of antidepressants as well.

Reading up a full study article is always essential before opting for an ayahuasca treatment.