6 Common Myths onModafinil

If you have heard of the term modafinil, then chances are that you must have heard or read somebizarre untruth about this drug. Well, just like any drug, modafinil has its uses but then there are some floating myths which have led to lots of abuse of the drug. You not sure what is true and not true about modafinil? Here we will dissect some of the most common myths that you should be very keen to avoid if you are to use modafinil the right way.

  1. Modafilin Is a Short Route Towards Success

Many people have always taken the fact that modafinil enhances alertness to imply that the drug can be a shortcut towards success. Well, modafinil will only aid you in relieving the feeling of fatigue and lethargy and it might translate to an increased productivity. That said, modafinil is no road map to success in whatever you are doing!

  1. The More Modafilin, the More The Effectiveness

Just like most drugs that are abused out there, people tend to imagine that the effectiveness of modafinilis increased by taking in higher dosages. Scientific studies have dispelled this notion, showing that taking 200mg is more or less the same as taking 400mg, In fact, taking in more would only increase chances of you developing side effects plus you might grow tolerant by taking higher dosages.


  1. Modafilin Reacts badly With Cannabis and caffeine

It is common not to use stimulants together but there is generally no problem using modafinil with cannabis and caffeine. Of course, this is unless you are under instruction from a doctor not to do so. In some people, the effects of modafinil is even enhanced when used together with other stimulants

  1. Generic Modafinil Isn’t Effective

Some people believe that the brand name of modafinil is the only one that works effectively while the generic ones do not work as well. This is a myth as the generic ones do have the same active ingredients as the brand forms. That said, modafinil may vary across online pharmacies but that doesn’t mean that they are not effective.

  1. Modafinil Leads To Super Intelligence

This is perhaps the biggest myth being circulated around about modafinil. This is actually a mere fallacy as modafinil does nothing to make your super intelligent if you are not that smart already. It will only enhance your emotional and mental alertness making you more focused on your work. This may churn out more hours of work but this will not make you an Einstein in what you do.

  1. It’s not Legal To Buy Modafinil Online

Well, you can buy Modafinil online from recognized modafinil online pharmacy across the world.The real question common in the Google search is “where can I buy modafinil?”This is keeping in mind that you can’t trust every modafinil online pharmacy out there. Afinilexpress is one such modafinil online pharmacy where you can get your pills shipped to you anywhere across the globe. In other words, it’s not true that you can only purchase modafinil from over the counter.The legality aspects only affect a few countries such as the US, the UK, and Australia.

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