6 Easy and Natural Ways to Grow Taller

Short is cute, isn’t it? Honestly, it is! But talking about the upper portion of the body makes you feel self-conscious while looking UP at people during a conversation can get fiddly sometimes. Short height people lose opportunities of getting a chance in various sports while great height always makes people confident.

So, if you are also disappointed with your short height, here are some tricks to grow height naturally.

  1. Eat Healthy

What we eat matters a lot in the growth. It is essential to have all the nutrients in the body to develop fully; therefore, a balanced diet is an excellent way to pep up with hormones in the body and to refill your entire missing cells to grow taller. The key to sticking to a healthy diet is to avoid a junk food. Instead, take:

  • Food rich in Vitamin D viz, eggs, fish, get enough sunlight exposure, tofu,etc… for healthy bone development.
  • Intake of rich sources of calcium that includes green vegetables, fortified cereals, soybeans, cheese and dairy products.
  • Take a proper diet of zinc foods like oysters, peas, and asparagus to promote body growth further.
  1. Engage Yourself in Regular Exercise or Sports

Teens are usually encouraged to participate in sports to be physically active. Obviously, the science behind the physical growth is very simple; it demands more nutrients. And the intake of nutrients further nourishes the body. Do simple regular exercises, stretching, skipping, and standing on your toes,etc. that are vital for an increase in height.

Have you ever wonder from where the height of swimmers and basketball players come from? All credit goes to the game they are dedicatedly engaged in.  In addition to this, tennis, cycling, martial arts and other activities can make you taller.

  • Swimming

Swimming is the best of all workouts it will help to grow height naturally without pills. It is a great sport that contributes a lot in your height. Swim at least 2 hrs daily to 3-5 days a week to avail the benefits.

  • The Super Stretch or Tad Asana

Stretching is another great exercise to help you grow taller. Simply stand upright and stretch your hands as much as you can over your head. Ideally, do the repetitions for about 5-6 seconds.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for healthy growth because the body regenerates and expands the tissue during sleep. The growth hormones that are responsible for height stay active in the body during your sleep. Most importantly, eliminate the factors that restrain with sleep like noises and glowing lights. If you do not take sufficient sleep low amount of human growth hormone (HGH) affects your natural height development.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Your body needs to be hydrated to reach its full progress. Drinking water is more often overlooked when it comes to the growth potential. A minimum amount of 9-10 glass of water removes out all the toxins from the body resulting in an active metabolism directly impacting on your height.  Alternatively, you can also eat water based fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber.

  1. Ignore the Factors that Hampers your Growth

Bad stuff like alcohol, smoking and caffeine causes a lot of harm to your body. It is essential to avoid indulging in such practices if you want to lead a proper life, with a tall height and healthy physique. Usually, you require 8-10 hours of sleep to grow properly, too much of caffeine causes improper sleep which in turns leads to fall of height.

  1. Surgery

One of the modern medical interventions like leg lengthening surgery has helped many short individuals. The procedure includes a break through the bones in your lower legs and adding a telescopic rod between them. However, it only provides about 3-4 inches of growth, but even this matters a lot to the short person.

Remember, the best way to grow taller is by implementing the natural ways shared above.

Dee Jones