7 Diapers Brands That Are Dominating Social Media

Diapers, one of the essentials of the early age of the baby, provide the babies and their parent’s comfort and easiness. You may have come across the promotion of different well-known and new diaper brands on your social network feeds. Let’s have a look at the ones the seven diaper brands that are dominating the social media networks.


Huggies, a well-known brand for diapers, has been on the surface since 1978 and satisfying millions of customers worldwide. Their product lines include different types of diapers and pads i.e. overnight diapers, pure and natural diapers, snug and dry diapers etc. They have an extensive marketing strategy and have efficiently made use of the latest marketing trends (marketing through social media) to reach a wider audience.



Covidien brand offers a lot of health products and the diapers and pads offered by them are known to be the best in the market owing to their superior quality and efficiency on the cost level. The marketing team of Covidien has ensured that the brand has maintained a desirable image in the public’s eyes when it comes to healthcare and diapers products.


Diapers and pads are not only for kids, anyone at any stage of life may get the need of such pads owing to loss of bladder or bowel control and this is the exact reason why the makers of prevail created it. They have intelligently marketed their brand and the products with an optimistic message. Through their promotional campaigns, they encouraged the people going through such issues and taught them to not to hold themselves back and be ‘hopeful’.


McKesson is another popular name when it comes to diapers and pads. They have a vast variety of diapers available for the use for different purposes. Their premium quality and the affordable prices made them a popular name in social media world.


A name to reckon with, Pampers, has been serving the people since the longest of time. It is marketed by Procter and Gamble. They were introduced in 1961 and since then, they have been the favorite among the masses. Their unique marketing tactics such as sponsoring the program named “Make Room for Baby” for Discovery health channel or direct marketing in the form of mailing the products directly to the mothers have got them this place in the top diapers brand that dominated the social media.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Inc., established in 1988, has become a known name in the health and personal care industry. They are promoting their products as sustainable and eco-friendly since their products are made with chlorine-free phosphate-free ingredients and they used recycled materials for the packaging.


Luvs promote their diapers with the catchy taglines such as “the official diapers of experienced moms” and “goodnight wetness and goodnight mom”. The diapers offered by Luvs are of high quality and are available in different sizes to meet the need of kids of different ages and weights.

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Ellen Cone