7 Grooming Products To Volumize Thinning Hair

Some are blessed with thick hair that seems to grow rapidly, others aren’t so lucky. While there is often not much you can do to help thin hair you are born with it after all, there are some products out there that could help you out. One of the ways to stop hair loss is with carefully selected hair products. Begin the fight today with grooming products that combat hair loss. Look for one that eliminates product buildup, dissolves oil, and contains DHT blockers. Products to take note of are mousses that plumps the hair, clay that makes hair appear fuller and hair creams when used with a hair dryer.

Products to avoid are wet look hair gels as they can separate the hair and make the scalp more visible. There are two things to consider for styling thinning hair. One is the styling needs of your hair type. The right products can make hair seem thicker and help camouflage thin spots. Products can also help fight hair loss.

You should be able to use any sort of styling product but there are some that are more suitable for fine hair.


Also known as volumising shampoos, extra body shampoos and strengthening shampoos they represent a treatment for your hair that effectively aims to thicken hair strands. They do this by swelling the strands and augmenting the amount of air you have on your head. On your head you have around 10000 strands of hair and a thickening shampoo aims to thicken each one of these, leaving you with a fuller head of hair. The one we found to be particularly good is this all natural blend by Biofolic.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo consists of medicinal herbs, algae, seaweed and grains. Especially sea plants like algae and seaweed contain large quantities of alginic acid and iodine (an important building block in the fiber-forming protein keratin), as well as other components, which helps accelerate hair growth.

The active plant components have been extracted using the revolutionary nano extraction technique, which allows to make the most use of raw materials and highest possible absorption in the body.

Biofolic Shampoo has been approved for medical use in prevention of hair loss and stimulation. This shampoo is a special blend of seaweed, algae and 11 medicinal herbs and grains will give your hair and scalp all the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth. It also helps against itchiness by removing dandruff and sebum.

Pros: medicinal and natural  Cons: nothing stands out

BIOFOLIC Shampoo is made from natural ingredients with many benefits for your hair and scalp besides the volume that it will give you.

Hanz de Fuko Natural Hair Conditioner

Perfect for even the driest of hair types, the Natural Conditioner deeply nourishes, protects and hydrates throughout the day. A high potency and unique blend of 16+ pure natural plant extracts and 10+ amino acids maintain hair’s youthful completion whilst stimulating optimum hair growth and a healthy, flake-free scalp. Over time hair will appear thicker, resilient to stress and noticeably easier to style.

Pros: good with sensitive hair  Cons:You will still need a great shampoo

The ultimate conditioner for getting hair looking and feeling it’s thickest with amazing strength, thickens the hair shaft, encourages microcirculation

American Crew Boost Powder

Hair powders–which are usually called texturizing or mattifying powder–are meant to give you amped up volume and texture. They generally come in small shaker bottles, and the product itself is a fine, white ground powder with a bit of a tacky feeling. A small amount yields big payoff in the volume department. American Crew Boost Powder is matte finish product that will give your hair the lift and thickness while adding a little bit of texture. It’s weightless so it won’t flatten your hair or cause any separation. To apply, just tap the puck a few times throughout your hair making sure it gets to the root. Then ruffle your hair with your fingers and put it into place.

Pros: holds all day Cons: it still is just a boost powder

Key ingredients silica silylate and citric acid help regulate pH, which will restore and thicken hair, leaving a matte like finish.

Bumble & Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Spray

This styling spray targets breakage spots and helps promote strength with a unique Hair Preserve Blend. A highly potent and restorative Booster Spray that includes the Full Potential Hair Preserve Blend that helps hair look fuller and feel thicker.

It helps hair look fuller and feel thicker, targets breakage by reinforcing hair, leaves hair feeling denser.

For anyone who wants fuller looking, stronger feeling hair – especially those with fine, thinning or breakage-prone locks. Spray onto wet or dry hair from roots to ends twice a day; comb through.

Pros: leaves hair looking healthier and fuller Cons: best to use as part of the Full Potential regimen

Improves strength and elasticity, works thoroughly from hair scalp to tip.

Susanne Kaufmann Hair Elixir

Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenzer Forest, a valley in the Alps where the knowledge of the healing powers of nature are passed down from generation to generation. She has always been fascinated by the idea of using the intensive effect of the Alpine plant world in a modern manner for beauty, health and comfort.This elixir is a highly effective serum for a balanced and healthy scalp and improved hair growth. The plant-based vitamin complex composed of vitamins B, C and E as well as biotin provide the basis for vital, healthy and beautiful hair. Supplemented by the active plant-based ingredients from silk, mallow and wheat germ, the scalp is intensively nourished and irritations are removed. Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. Gently massage the scalp and let sit for 10 minutes. For intensive repair, leave in overnight

Pros: good vitamin complex  Cons:a bit pricey

Formula consisting of caffeine and plant-based ingredients tangibly improves hair growth. Just run onto your scalp and leave in place for 10 minutes. This caffeinated, plant-based serum is designed to wake up tired follicles

Herbivore Botanicals – All Natural Sea Mist Hair Spray

Formulated with the same salinity as ocean salt water which makes it great for adding beachy look and texture, plus volume and waves to your hair naturally.

It is 100% natural and effective plus 100% vegan.

Spray on any time to add volume and texture to your hair. Spritz on when your skin needs refreshing or simply spray into the air to liven and freshen things up.

Pros: All natural  Cons: the scent is pretty strong

This is the easiest styler out there. Spray it in damp or dry hair; the salt acts like a dry shampoo to absorb some grease, but you’ll still get a little shine.

Vernon Connelly