7 Ways to Hasten Muscle Recovery Process


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires work. Eating healthy and exercising is a must. However, the latter is easier said than done. You may find yourself having body aches, difficulty moving around, and some go to the extent of cursing spin class instructor or quitting the class altogether. When you’re experiencing this, the body is communicating, thus saying it’s been broken beyond its limits and needs time to recover. Are you searching for simple ways to re-build or re-energize the body quickly? Here is what you should do

1.      Get a good night sleep

It’s by far the simplest and most natural thing to do. Close your eyes and let your body focus on being in balance and rejuvenate worn out parts. Aim at 7-8 hours of a good night sleep each night. Relaxing frees the body from every day’s stressful demands. However, if you find it hard to sleep, try taking natural products with melatonin for help.

2.      Hydrate

After an intense body workout, so many fluids are lost primarily through sweat. Taking water not only helps in getting rid of toxins but also is hydrating muscles and prevents them from being sore. Try water intake at least within 30 minutes after an exercise.

3.      Eat potassium

A full body workout needs energy. What better way to get some than through consuming foods enriched in potassium. To mention a few, we have bananas, avocados, apricot, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, prunes, and mushrooms. The simplest way to provide your body with all these nutrients is by making a smoothie.

4.      Exercise regularly

The human body adjusts to a specific routine. Make exercising an everyday occurrence and not once in a while kind of deal. Before your training, be sure to indulge in some stretching. This way, you aid your body in muscle recovery as well as prevent yourself from injuries. If you find your schedule fully packed to fix in body exercises, stretching as well as light activities such as squats, lunges or planks are the way to go.

5.      Massage

Another way to relax the body and feel refreshed is by getting a massage. You can easily visit a spa and get one or ask a friend or relative to offer you a back rub to break scar tissues or ease muscular pains.

6.      Use ice

After a tough workout, the muscles are sore. It’s a nuisance, and it can lead to giving up on a workout routine. Fear not, why not place an icepack on muscles experiencing tension and feel a sense of relief. You can do this for 20 minutes to speed up the recovery process.

7.      Eat a meal rich in proteins

Your body needs to repair damaged muscles. To achieve this, you can include plant-based protein or meat-based protein into your meals. To make it easier, create a protein shake and drink it before or after a workout routine. It’s a simple way or reducing the muscle soreness’ severity thus speeding the recovery process.


If you are looking for a way to evade muscle cramps, you need to follow the simple tips stated above. They’re useful in the muscle recovery process as well as a great way to motivate you for the next work out without feeling the need to quit the entire process. Try it today.

Dee Jones