A Detailed Guide About Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction

With Breast Cancer on the rise, Mastectomy has become a common procedure. For those who are unaware, it’s the surgical removal of breasts. To treat breast cancer at early stages, it becomes essential to remove the breast, either partially or completely.

Although it’s an essential surgical procedure that is used as a preventive measure, it might cause inconvenience to many women. Losing a breast is not easy for women. You might be uncertain about how you will react after it, despite your age, sexual activity, orientation, or even relationship status. Losing breasts might take away a major part of your sexuality, and self-confidence. Therefore, in circumstances like these, you can opt for a Breast Reconstruction.

The mastectomy with immediate reconstruction is the intricate process of rebuilding the shape of your breasts after a mastectomy. Confused how it’s done? It involves using prosthetic material or autologous tissue to artificially construct the shape, and make it identical to a natural breast. It must be kept in mind that Breast Reconstruction only gives back the shape and not sensation either to the breast or nipple.

Can both procedures be done together:

Most women who consider undergoing breast reconstruction generally toy with this idea. It’s obvious to think that it will be convenient and save recovery time. Well, these women are right.

It’s entirely possible to undergo both treatments at the same time. With a staged reconstruction procedure, both of them can be carefully performed by the surgeons.

How it works:

Under both mastectomy and breast reconstruction, the patient is under the influence of anaesthesia. The surgeon cuts the nipple to remove not only the breast tissues but also the lymph nodes.

Once this is done, the process of reconstruction begins. It depends upon the situation of the patient. If prosthetic reconstruction is opted for, the surgeon places saline tissue expander implant, beneath the skin or muscle. The second option is of Tissue Flap, where tissues of the patient are used to give a new shape to the breasts. The tissues are generally taken from the thighs, abdomen, or the back area. For both the procedures, drainage tubes are added to remove the excess fluid from the body.

Although silicone gel implants are also an option that most women avoid it. It’s because tissue implants make their breast feel more natural than silicone ones.

The Aftermath:

A surgery can cause enough inconvenience let alone undergoing two at once. After the procedure is over, your breasts will be covered with bandages. The patient might have to remain in the hospital, under strict observation. It can vary from 2 nights to a week, depending upon the recovery. In the following few days, pain, numbness, and pressure are quite common for the patient. However, it can be dealt with medication, as prescribed by the doctors.

After being discharged from the hospital, one can resume walking and toher activites. It’s advised to sleep on the back, and avoid sleeping on the stomach or sides. Avoid lifting heavy weight or driving.

Although mastectomy with immediate reconstruction is a difficult procedure, with the right precautions and high protein diet, one can recover from it with ease.