A Look at Lymph Node Massage

Massage is good for relieving stress and tension; Sure, everybody knows that.  But did you know that there are specific types of massage that act as alternative medicine—also known as holistic healing—which can alleviate certain other health ailments too?

Let’s take a look at one of these extremely special types of Euro-spa massage quebec:  Lymphatic massage


There are several anatomical systems that keep the human body up and running.  Of course, you probably learned about the circulatory system in health class when you were a kid, for example. This is the system of veins and arteries that delivers blood from the heart to the various organs and muscles in the body (and then back to the heart again).  You are probably also somewhat acquainted with the nervous system that connects your brain to your organs and limbs through the nerves.

One anatomical system that you probably did not really learn much about is the lymph system. This is a network of small, bean-shaped glands located throughout the body which distribute lymph fluid back and forth. The purpose of this fluid is to transport nutrients and eliminate waste.  If you have an infection or an injury—or another abnormality—the flow of lymph fluid can be disrupted, which causes swelling of the lymph nodes.  This is the reason your doctor checks your neck or under your arms when you have a checkup:  they are looking for lymph node swelling.


The lymph nodes located throughout the body swell only when there is an issue with their particular region.  Here are the node locations and what their swelling indicates:

    • The Lymph Nodes of the Neck, Jaw, and behind the Ear—upper respiratory tract infection or another infection/injury to the head, mouth, and neck
    • The Superclavical Lymph Nodes (above the collarbone)—infection of the neck, breasts, lungs, or abdomen
    • The Axillary Lymph Nodes (located under the armpit)—injury or infection of the arm or hand; sometimes swelling of the axillary nodes indicate breast cancer or lymphoma
    • The Femoral/Inguinal glands (located near the groin)—injury or infection of the groin, genitals, leg, or feet; can also indicate lymphoma, melanoma, or testicular cancer


Lymphatic massage, then, seeks to address the swelling of these glands either to prevent further injury or to aid in the healing of an injury or an infection.  It can speed recovery time as well as improve the body’s natural ability to heal.


Ellen Cone