A well known toronto accupuncture clinic,

People from all walks of life suffer from common problems like obesity, insomnia, addiction, anxiety and various other conditions. Margo’s Clinic, a well known toronto accupuncture clinic, has been providing treatment to such patients for almost three decades. Acupuncture is an effective, no-side-effects treatment for a wide range of health conditions. It has zero potential risks because it works by rejuvenating the energy lines on the body. No medications or other conventional treatment methodologies are involved in it.

About Margo’s Clinic

Dr. Margaryta Goncharenko, who is well known as Dr. Margo with her patients, has been practicing Western medicine since 1974. She began practicing acupuncture in her toronto accupuncture clinic in 1988. The clinic is named as Margo’s Chinese Acupuncture Clinic and offers the best of both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to treat conditions in a different way.

Dr. Margo graduated from the Zaporozhye State Medical University of Ukraine and began practicing as a family doctor in 1974. After practicing for more than 6 years, she studied cardiology and radiology and upgraded her qualifications. Then she studied and completed her qualification in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Since then she has treated thousands of patients while practicing in her toronto accupuncture clinic.

Combination of Acupuncture & Western Medicine

Dr. Margaryta is one of the few doctors in Canada or even the world who practice both Western and Eastern medicine to help their patients improve their overall health. She is licensed under the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and pursues continual education in the field.

You can visit her toronto accupuncture clinic to seek treatment for any condition besides insomnia, sleeping disorders, anxiety, smoking addiction, low energy levels, and obesity. The acupuncture treatment she provides is personalized based on each patient’s specific condition, behavioral habits and lifestyle.

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