Aiding Your Child’s Development with a Pediatric Chiropractor

A lot more parents today are looking for other options for their children’s health as well as traditional medicine. One of the alternative approaches many find (and is very successful) is seeing a pediatric chiropractor. The percentage of parents taking their children to a chiropractor has increased and a study shows that in the US, at least 3% of children get some form of chiropractic treatment and it is the most common type of alternative medicine used for children.

Essentially children, as well as adults, can benefit from adjustments and spinal manipulation as long as you take them to a trained and qualified pediatric chiropractor Monmouth Country, or where you are.

It is important though that parents make sure that the chiropractor and the child’s physician work together not separately. The pediatric chiropractor should get the full medical history of the child.

Everyone should be working together to help the child with treatment and in their development. Parents should not be choosing to go to a chiropractor instead of visiting a doctor about something. But they can be a successful part of the tools used for the child’s wellbeing.

A pediatric chiropractor Ocean County and elsewhere can offer supportive care, preventative care and in some cases, alternative treatments. There are studies that do suggest that as well as helping with the usual back and neck pain complaints, chiropractic help can aid with common childhood complaints including colic, ear infections, wetting the bed, tonsillitis, ADD and ADHD and asthma.

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ADD or ADHD are Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are a growing number of children being diagnosed and the medication to treat can be very effective for many children, but that is a lot of children on something like Ritalin and parents are understandably looking for alternatives.

Chiropractic care can offer a less invasive approach to treating it, that for some is very effective. They can give a brain function exam and do tests on their auditory and visual reflexes. Then a treatment program is put together which they will talk through with the parents. It will be holistic and will likely look at more than just adjustments, but also changes in diet and other areas too.

The treatments are tailored specifically to individual needs, whatever the issue. Spinal manipulation performed by a professional pediatric chiropractor Ocean County or anywhere is done gently and is completely safe. When you are looking for other options, talk with your doctor and they may have a list of pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County located, or in the area you are looking in.

Never take your children off medication that has been prescribed by their doctor without talking to them first. There are many general benefits to this alternative option and parents who make this choice are happy they have done so.