All About Smoking

What is Smoking? Smoking is a kind of drug that is used to be burned, resulting in the consumers to breathe in the smoke for tasting and absorbing into their bodies, especially into their blood system. The drug is usually made up of dried leaves of tobacco, as they are being rolled up into a cylinder form with a piece of paper before they are incarnated. Many people will succumb to smoking, due to peer pressure, especially children or adolescents. Researches have shown that smoking is addictive after their first puff and causes harmful effects to human bodies, especially on respiratory systems. Hence, nowadays there are many people who persuade and convince one to the best ways to quit smoking so that they will be able to live a healthier lifestyle.

How to Quit Smoking? There are many ways to convince smokers to quit their smoking habits. It is not an easy process, but smokers must be very determined and persistent in their mindsets during this quitting process. Some of them may be able to quit smoking successfully, many have given up and gone back to smoking after a certain period. Here are the commonly used ways for smokers to embark on their smoke-free journey:

  • Cold Turkey Method – Smokers can decide on an abrupt and complete cessation in smoking. They will have to throw all their cigarette packs and restrain themselves from buying for more.
  • START Method – For this method, smokers can set a quit date and broadcast to people around them that they are planning to quit smoking, and request their support, help, and encouragement for this crucial period. Meanwhile, smokers can seek another smoking buddy to join in their smoke-free plan. With each other’s encouragement, they will be able to get through this journey easier. Next, smokers need to foresee on what kind of challenges and obstacles they will be facing and plan out how they should overcome. With that, smokers will need to remove or throw away all products related to smoking or the things that will trigger them to smoke. Ensure that there is no smoking trail in their premises, like the cigarette smells, etc. Finally, seek for professional help and advice from a doctor, so smokers on this journey can get prescribed medication to help with their withdrawal symptoms.
  • Use substitutes when there are smoking cravings, like gum, carrot sticks, sunflower seeds, etc.; something that they can chew in their mouth.

Smoking is harmful to human bodies and research studies have shown numerous times that illnesses or diseases that are caused or triggered by smoking are fatal, especially on the lungs and other respiratory parts. Lung cancers are getting common and tipping the top of the cancer killers list, which is usually caused by smoking. Hence, it is highly recommended and ideal to have smokers to be convinced to quit smoking as soon as possible, so that they can live a longer and healthier lifestyle. People around them will not be breathing in secondhand smoke, which is equally harmful to human bodies, as well.