Aluminium And Aluminium Extrusions In Medical Applications

The use of aluminium in various medical fields has always enjoyed a limited use but in recent years aluminium has now become the metal of choice. As a lightweight, strong metal with rust-proof and non-toxic qualities, it can provide the perfect solution for many medical needs.

Precision Instruments

Aluminium extrusions are a perfect choice for medical instruments. The extrusion process can create customised items to a high specification of accuracy. Although aluminium is already a strong metal, precision made instruments can be further strengthened by undergoing an anodising treatment. Anodising chemically transforms the aluminium into a superior form with excellent durability and a metallic finish that will never peel, rust or fade. When in contact with liquids of any kind, extruded, anodised aluminium will remain unaffected providing a reassuring confidence that the instruments themselves will not transfer any contamination. Aluminium instruments have an easy to clean surface that will always remain free of rust.

Medical Equipment

Aluminium is the perfect choice for a range of different medical aids. Large equipment such as hoists and trolleys need to be reliably strong to provide stability in many serious situations. Speed is often a priority in emergencies and large, bulky potentially life-saving equipment trolleys made of aluminium have the advantage of being lightweight to manoeuvre by just one person. Aluminium is able to match the strength of steel providing equipment with a durability that can be in constant use for years to come. Smaller items such as aluminium shower chairs are lightweight and easy to move and will never rust even in wet conditions. Walking frames and crutches provide strength combined with a light weight to provide helpful assistance. Powder coated extruded aluminium is available in a range of colours and finishes.

Cost Effective

For local authorities struggling to balance their budgets, aluminium can help to provide excellent value for money. As one of the cheapest commodities, it is a cost effective solution with many properties that actually make it superior to its rivals. The process of manufacturing aluminium is one of the most economic and as a metal that can be effectively recycled without losing any of its unique qualities, it becomes even more cost effective as the recycling procedure uses far less energy than manufacturing from raw materials.


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