Amphetamines: When used as drugs and medicines

Amphetamine is a potent drug which adversely addictive. The source of this drug compound is Methamphetamine which has street name like whiz, crystals, footballs, ice, eye openers, black moilles, speed kopen, uppers etc. Amphetamine also has medicinal usage. It is referred by the physicians for treating several neurological disorders like attention deficiency hyperactive disorder or ADHD, autism and narcolepsy. The drug is legally sold by the pharmacists under various brand names. The illegal usage is on the higher level though, and the drug can be seen used in public in places like clubs, rave parties and other such illegal gatherings. The business of the drug depends on the addiction of the youth oriented mass. The effects of this drug lead to vitality, development of sense of powerfulness and invincibility. The sensations are good until the addiction for it sets in after its ingestion. Amphetamine is a synthetically processed neuro-stimulant drug. It is a powder of white color which has a bitter taste. It is available in the form of tablets or crystals. The powdered form is snorted, the liquid form is injected and it is also smoked which has quick effects in the nerves of an individual. One goes through an instant phase of euphoric sensation, sudden and baseless happiness, boosted confidence and deep sleep too. The addict also develops a great sense of alertness, heightened sexual desire, illusion, power, invincibility etc. The abusive use of the drug is similar to that of cocaine and even a small dose of it can have a great effect. The drug speed kopen has several side effects like insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, dilation of pupils, nausea, vomiting, malnutrition, irritation, dry mouth, clenching of jaw, increased rate of heartbeat, loss of appetite etc. The traces of the drug can be found in the blood and in urine within eight hours of its ingestion. The prolonged usage of the drug includes depression, loss of memory, aggressive behavior, weight loss, mood swings, h9igh blood pressure, suicidal tendency, skin disorders, hallucinations, pimple, damage of organs and development of abusive

Amphetamine used as medication

Amphetamine or speed kopen also has certain medicinal usages. Physicians, as said earlier, prescribe the drug in the treatment of several neurological disorders. There are several rehab centers who base their treatments against this drug, by reversing its effects. It is very much important to seek professional help to battle the symptoms of low self-esteem, depression, anger and hopelessness. These emotions are extremely overwhelming. Before going into one, make sure that the rehab hub suits to your needs and requirements for you to recover from the adverse effects. The doctors of the rehabs must be certified, well-known, and the psychologists structure out a customized care plan for your recovery since all the addicts do not have the same requirements for recovering from the drug abuse. The recovery plan should contain a healthy diet regime, physical exercise, hygienic and clean habits of every action, counseling therapy for a better life, motivational therapies etc. These features can ensure the addict to live a life free of any addiction.

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