Are Custom-Made Orthotics Worth The Money?

This is something that people often think about when they experience pain in their feet, and if the orthotics are worth it or not really depends on your situation. If you want to get services from podiatrists that offer the best custom orthotics Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, you should contact your podiatrist and schedule an appointment.

Keep in mind that keeping that appointment is crucial for you to get the custom-made orthotics because they need to be specially designed for you. Not to mention that in some cases you might not even need those devices and that is something only your podiatrist will be able to say.

Custom-made orthotics are designed to fit you perfectly

The cost

The second thing people think about when they find out that they will need custom orthotics is their overall cost, and this all depends on the type of custom-orthotics you need. Usually, these devices will cost anywhere between $300 – $600, but keep in mind that they are specifically designed for your feet.

Why are custom-orthotics expansive?

As it was already mentioned, this orthotics are specifically designed to fit your feet and nobody else’s which is why they tend to be on the more expensive side. In addition, to make a good pair of orthotics, the materials used are of higher quality as well, which adds to the price.

The costs included – usually, the orthotics alone will not cost as much, but what you are actually paying for is both the orthotics and the meeting with your podiatrist. If you want to know more about the costs that go into this, just contact a podiatry Sydney CBD like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or your local podiatrist, and ask for such information.

 The exam – this will be performed during the consultation and it is crucial to have a proper examination before prescribing or even attempting to create custom-orthotics. Your podiatrist has to conduct a thorough exam, including questions about your lifestyle, taking into account your body type and gait.

Creating the mold – after you have had the examination, your podiatrist will know what kind of orthotics will do you good, and this is when he/she will either prescribe orthotics for you or create a mold of your feet.

Runners and active people tend to need orthotics or insoles more often

Are they worth it?

When you are considering if these type of orthotics are actually worth it, you need to consider many important factors. For example, this orthotics are made especially for your feet, which means that they will help your practical case. These devices are used to support and reduce muscle fatigue as well as correct any errors in your feet.

If you are overweight, or an athlete, this orthotics might be necessary, but they should only ever be prescribed by a podiatrist. In addition, people who suffer from diabetes can also benefit from custom-made orthotics.


One of the biggest issues people have with these devices is their overall cost, as well as other things; for example, extended use if orthotics can cause damage, they can keep costing you even after you get them, on average it takes about two weeks or more to receive the orthotics, and in the end, even after you get them, there is a small chance that they will not help.

Final word

Keep in mind that these orthotics are not always needed, sometimes the off-the-shelf inserts will be more than enough. However, never prescribe such things for yourself, you should always ask a professional to help out and give their opinion.

Ellen Cone