How to Avoid the Most Common Dental Implant Problems?

We all know that dental implants are the best alternative for missing and damaged tooth. The dental implant procedure has become better over the years and now it has about a 95% success rate. Still, like any other surgery, there are some problems that can occur more probably. Fortunately, almost all these problems are pretty rare and can be avoided by following regular dental checkup and proper dental care.

In this blog, we have compiled the list of helpful dental care tips to keep your implants healthy, beautiful, functional and most importantly natural looking.

Tip #1: Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions

Following your dentist’s instruction is a very crucial part of ensuring your dental implant success. All these instructions were formulated by the dental implant specialists in Melbourne based on their experience, expertise, and education. Keeping track on all those instructions will make your aftercare smoothly and efficiently. If you fail to follow your dentist’s guidelines, there might be chance for dental implant failure and also you could risk infection, pain, swelling etc.

Tip #2: Take Plenty of Rest after Your Procedure

The more you take rest, the more you’ll feel better! You should avoid strenuous physical activity and exercises as it could increase your chances of bleeding, swelling, and other dental problems. Make sure to take rest for the first couple of days i.e. 2-3 days after the surgery.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Take Medication as Prescribed by Your Dentist

Once you feel better, you might be tempted to stop taking medications, but don’t ever do that. It is best to take all medications as directed by the dentist until they are completely finished. Or else, it could end up with any other dental problems.

Tip #4: Drink More Water or Fresh Juices

Keeping yourself hydrated will heal the tissues rapidly and also have fewer complications. So, during the aftercare session, make sure to keep your mouth moist by drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Tip #5: Say No to Tobacco Products and Alcohol

Smoking or taking any other tobacco products can reduce the chances of healing and increases the risk for periodontal diseases. Dentist implant specialists in Melbourne suggest patients to stop smoking and reduce tobacco usage before and after surgery for the proper healing of dental implants.

Tip #6: Add Healthy Foods to Your Diet

Adding healthy foods such as dairy products, green tea, peanut butter, salmon, dry raisins, etc. can help you get better oral health and also promote faster healing.

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Melbourne Dental implant procedure and the problems associated with are quite rare and the above-given tips can help you avoid them. Patients in the Melbourne area and beyond know all about the comprehensive services provided by our team of tooth implants in Melbourne at No Gap Dentists. If you have additional questions about dental implants, feel free to contact us!