Ayurveda vs. Modern Western Medicine

Modern Western medicines are the only recourse today or so their manufacturers would have you believe. Everywhere you go, you find them. Most of the doctors are finishing degree in Western medicines and they are licensed to prescribe them. The medicines are first researched on a lab and after a research process the medicine is examined clinically and when proven successful then they are launched in to the market, you need to have a prescription to get them.

The alternative

So, what is the alternative that you have? You can opt forAyurvedic Products Manufacturerwhosupply productsare specially made from combination of herbs and plants, the herbs which had been utilized in the ancient world for treatment. These herbs were used generations after generations but most of these herbs went out of use under the influence of the modern Western drugs.

The colonization is also largely responsible for these drugs to be abolished from the society. Million years of hard works of Ayurveda experts were gone and lost and also the magic that these medicines had were all almost forgotten till just a few decades ago. Now again people have started to realize just how important and effective these Ayurvedic supplements and medicines can be.

Why then Western medicines have so much influence and not Ayurveda?

The answer is money. Money can abolish anything and money can make towers like BurjKhalifa. The kind of money that is put behind Western medicines is unimaginable.  This is the biggest industry in the world moneywise. Now think if so much money is invested in something why they wouldlet anyone get in the way of getting as much money as they possibly can. The same is with Western medicine. The amount of research, the amount of manpower and machine power invested behind it is huge. All investments are made to get huge returns and so they will never let anything or anyone to suggest an alternative to the very expensive Western medicine.

Why Ayurveda is better?

First if you picture your ancestors, they all looked healthy as far as you know. You are told that the life expectancy of today’s humans are much more, but there are no evidence to prove that, these things are taught by the Western medicines in the textbooks you studied, but may not be factual. Your ancestors used to live a healthy life because of the food and drink they consumed, the purer environment they lived in and also because of the chemical free medicines they used.