Benefits of Online Psychotherapy: The Potential of the Internet

There is more than one reason why many of those who see a psychologist choose online therapy, but there are several important reasons. Let’s see which ones are the most important.

  1. The possibility of attending psychotherapy without movement

This is one of the more obvious benefits of online therapy; By being able to communicate with psychotherapists from a computer, it is possible to conduct therapy from home. However, this characteristic of psychological help over the Internet is not just a matter of comfort (it is too).

In addition to those who, due to health problems, prefer not to move too much, who obviously appreciate the opportunity to conduct therapy online and not in person, the likelihood of being late or having problems on the way and being absent at the agreed time is reduced.

  1. Better graphics compatibility

The ability to start working with a psychologist in a few minutes without the preparation required to go to a consultation allows many people with a difficult schedule or long working hours to have this service, as otherwise they would not be able to afford it.

For this reason alone, online therapy has the advantage of reaching many more people, allowing more diverse social and economic profiles to invest in their mental health.

  1. No geographic barriers

This is a useful benefit for people who, for whatever reason, choose to attend psychotherapy with professionals from a country or city that are not the ones they are currently in.

For example, it is that those who live abroad and want to receive psychological help in their own language, or those who, for cultural reasons, prefer therapists from their region of origin, are more aware of their reality. This is also a positive thing for those who simply live in an area with a small supply of well trained and experienced psychologists .

  1. Offers additional anonymity

Many people openly talk about going to psychotherapy, but some still have doubts about it. Whether it is because of the remnants of the stigma that exists in some cases about mental health, or on their own, some people appreciate that when they go to psychotherapy, they can have an atmosphere of anonymity.

In the case of online therapy, this anonymity is almost complete as everything remains connected via the Internet … in most cases, without leaving your home .

  1. Family atmosphere

Many patients notice a big difference between going to psychotherapy before counseling and doing it from home .

Revealing to someone you don’t have an intimate emotional connection with is a little uncomfortable for some people (at least during the first sessions), but most of it does what you know and feel safe in. this feeling disappears. This, together with the work of psychologists so that patients do not feel discomfort during sessions, makes online therapy a good option ..

  1. Constant supervision

The technological tools that the Internet puts at our disposal allow patients to establish a more constant stream of communication with therapists , as there are many electronic devices that can be connected to the network.

  1. It could be cheaper

Not all psychological centers offer cheaper online therapy courses, but in some cases, using this method saves costs , resulting in a more competitive price.

How to choose a psychological center that offers an option

When looking for a mental health center or clinic where you can hire an online therapy method, it is best to check that it is a place that respects all of the listed benefits.

An example is UPAD Psychology and Coaching, a psychological center in Madrid that offers a wide range of psychological intervention formats to treat a variety of problems and needs, and this enables online therapy at a slightly lower cost. On the other hand, with a team with experience in a wide variety of fields, the flexibility of online services is combined with the ability to adapt to different types of clients and patients.

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Ellen Cone