Best ways to avoid air pollution

Air pollution is a real problem around the world.

Dense urban areas such as London, Beijing and Riyadh have seen an increase in delivery vans and lorries that emit diesel fumes, while the shipping industry is being blamed for the rise in air pollution.

Air is a basic human need along with shelter, food, and water, so it’s appropriate to feel helpless and/or angry, especially if you’re asthmatic. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself:

Asthmatics most at risk

For those who have a lung condition such as asthma or those with young children who are more likely to be affected by air pollution, the effects of poor quality air can be devastating. You or your children may need an inhaler such as Ventolin to hand in case hot weather and pollution cause huge problems for your lungs.

Try and keep an inhaler like Ventolin with you at all times as during times of high pollution you may not be able to nip home and get it. When air pollution gets too much, a Ventolin inhaler, for use for people four years and over will open up your lungs airways and will relax airway smooth muscles. According to the World Health Organisation, outdoor air pollution accounts for 17% of all deaths and diseases from acute lower respiratory infection.

So, can you buy Ventolin online in the UK?

Ventolin – the UK’s most popular inhaler is available to buy online for under £15 from any good online retailer, all you have to do is complete an online consultation to safely and legally receive your prescription, and you can have the product posted straight to your door.

Here are a few extra ways you can avoid air pollution:

  1. Download an air quality app like Breezometer or the Plume Air Report on IOS/Android which gives you an air rating out of 100 and gives suggestions on whether you should stay or move from your current location. You can inform Breezometer that you have respiratory and heart issues that affect your breathing and the app will give you useful, tailored advice. Plume also has a handy World Air Map so you’ll be better informed when you plan your summer holiday.
  1. Buy an air purifier for your home, which removes polluting air particles like dust, smoke and pollen and could be worth the investment. A decent one will cost you around £350, according to consumer group Which?

If you manage to do the above things, when bad air strikes, you won’t be caught up quite so badly.