Botox, helping us to live agelessly

The world of cosmetic treatment has seen a really drastic upliftment in the last few decades. This can be owed to that fact that the demand for such treatment has increased because of the improved economic standards as well as the credibility of the treatment procedures.

Of the many available treatments, botox is one of the widely recognized and in demand treatment amongst those residing in Dubai. This can be understood by the fact that while this is highly expensive but the demand for botox in Dubai Is seeing new horizons at each survey.


Possible uses of botox

While botox is one of the most known items in the medical industry, usually its usage is just considered limited to aesthetic enhancement. There are so many avenues that are unknown by the normal people. Here is the list of few of the most prominent uses of botox in Dubai. While some of these must be known to all, several might come as a surprise for a larger part of the readers.

  • The most prominent usage of botox is found in the field of cosmetic treatment. It is used as a neural agent that can reduce the signs of ageing by not allowing wrinkling of the skin membranes.
  • Medical conditions like eye squints can be very effectively treated by the use of botox in the treatment. Other major issues that can be treated include migraines.
  • Several individuals face the issue of excessive sweating. The sweat glands can be regulated using this treatment and help the individuals avoid embarrassing public situations because of over sweating.
  • Botox treatment can be used in cases where the patient is dealing with an overactive bladder. This treatment can help in regulating the flow of fluids through the urinary tract by commensurately improvising the neural setup.
  • The body of a patient who has suffered from upper body strokes tends to get disfigured. Botox in Dubai is one of the major treatments for such conditions. It helps in getting the patients to lead a more normal life after strokes.
  • Spasms are becoming more and more common in the present times. Usage of botox in treatment of these can generate great results as it has the ability to favorably improvise the neural responses of the body.

Like any of the medical treatment, the use of botoxinjections comes with its own list of possible side effects and risks. While mild nausea and irritability has been reported by most of the patients, but these generally get better after a few days of treatment. Some major side effects that can come up if the treatment is not administered properly include unexpected sagging of the skin and swelling. In some cases loss of eyesight can also take place if proper care is not taken during or after the treatment procedure.

The above mentioned risks are generally attached with improper administration of the procedure or lack of care. These can be readily avoided and in that case the benefits outweigh them by large.

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