Can Bioidentical Hormones Help You With Menopause Symptoms

When menopause comes there will be signs that you will notice for sure. The body is starting to change and you will feel those changes physically and mentally. When your period stops and when one year form that moment passes, you are for sure in the menopause.

Menopause manifests at the age of 50, but the perimenopause can start much earlier. The thing is that your ovaries are starting to function differently. They are responsible for the production of estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that are monitoring your menstrual circle. When perimenopause starts, the level of hormones is changing.

In one point, these hormones won’t be produced anymore, which means that ovaries have done their job. They are not working anymore. All of this is affecting the body, causing symptoms that can be hard to endure.

If you easily get irritated, sad or mad, maybe even you feel depressed, that can be one of the first manifestations of perimenopause. The irregular periods are the inevitable sign that menopause is coming. This can be followed by the hot flushes and night sweats, which can be very unpleasant.  Later, you may notice that your hair is getting thinner, or maybe your skin is getting dry.

These and all the other symptoms are coming from imbalanced hormones. So, medical experts have developed a natural remedy that can bring some balance back. That will be bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormones

These hormones are made that way to be very similar to bodies hormones. The therapy can be implemented on both man and woman. Bioidentical hormones come in different shape. You can get them as pills, creams, patches, shots and implanted pellets. You may try different options at the beginning, and before you decide, you should consider professional opinion.

Natural remedies are the best for your body

This treatment should be supervised by the doctor. Doses should be adjusted depending on the patient’s symptoms and needs. The goal is to achieve the results while keeping the dose to the minimum. If it’s required, you may have routine blood or urine test, so your hormone level can be checked. If your hormones are changing it is possible that your therapy will change.

The doctor will decide if you need the additional tests

Bioidentical hormones have been tested and they are safe. They have passed strict standards, and for quite some time, people are using them and achieving their goals. Great results are also giving bioidentical hormones conducted by Australian Menopause Centre.

This therapy can be implemented at the beginning of the perimenopause and it can prevent some of the symptoms in the period that is ahead. You can get more information if you check the If you live in Australia, you can visit the Menopause Centre and make your appointment.

Final word   

Bioidentical hormones are one of the best solutions for your menopause symptoms. These hormones are verified and they are reducing menopause symptoms in the best way possible.




Dee Jones