Living longer at home with Care and Support Services

We are all doomed?

‘Care in the community’ is currently a very hot political football. The problem is, that, we are living longer; nowthat’s a tribute to the huge advancements in medical treatment and research.

However,as a result, hospitals and health centres are overburdened, with a myriad of ‘sick and demanding’ individuals who are in desperate need of attention and ongoing care and support.

The elderly are particularly vulnerable, this, so called ‘bed-blocking’ NHS,dilemma is now really biting. It is a huge problem. Local hospital facilities are being cut, beds are disappearing as the economy creaks, especially, some may claim, at the expense of the neediest.

It’s good to live longer, but not a good time to be old, nor suffering from some disabling, long term, ailment.

The NHS is stressed, we’re all stressed, busy, short of time and bemused as to how we can best care for our love ones.

Our pensioners desperately need help; care in the community is not currently a government priority. We, therefore, must look toward caring entrepreneurs who are prepared to step up to the plate.

There’s a light

And this light is being shone by welcome entrepreneurial companies such as AVANT – Avant is a health care company offering a most comprehensive package of care for people with disabling illnesses, injuries and, thankfully, they provide home care for our needy, vulnerable elderly.

I refer to the AVANT business model as a marker; see what they offer and then expect the same excellent service from a provider in your area.

Visit their website, it provides a classic overview of their service, their expertise. AVANT shine a guiding light, they set the bar as to what others, with the experience, finance and will can achieve on behalf of ailing communities.

AVANT is an ever expanding business that currently operate within the Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow areas; they are looking to expand within thenear future – keep an eye on their progress, don’t be afraid to contact them for updates.

What home care services can our elderly expect?

Well, quite simply, we should all expect the very best care for our loved ones. Being old, and perhaps frail and vulnerable, can make for an extremely lonely and uncomfortable life.

Essential, regular home care cannot always be adequately carried out by busy, unqualified, family members.

Not all circumstances are the same, some elderly people need the minimum amount of care, someone to cook a lunch, tidy up or help with medication. Others, may have medical conditions that severely restrict movement, they may need help washing, showering or getting in or out of bed.

There are a whole set of scenarios, some more complicated than others. And that’s why you should select a care company that…

  1. Employs a range of experienced and helpful care workers with backgrounds in care of the elderly and/or medical competence where required
  2. Will consult with family/friends and decide upon a bespoke care plan that will adequately cater for specific requirement of the person in question. The care plan will need to take account of medical issues and even cultural diversities. Select a company that shows regard for your loved ones’ past and future!

In conclusion

Find an organisation as competent and caring as AVANT, failing that, cross your fingers and hope they’ll be able to service your part of the country soon!

May Capobianco