Common Health Problems In Pregnancy To Watch Out For

” “3H rule of Pregnancy- Happy, Hygenic and Healthy Food”

In spite of advancement of technology and development in medical science, a childbirth education is still dearth in the society. People are not very much free and comfortable having a discussion about the process of giving birth and what are changes do a person feel during and after the pregnancy- biologically and emotionally too. A process of childbirth is very important process, which should be explained to each individual despite of, distinguish between the genders. Now a day it is very common we hear in our society that every third girl is facing difficulty during her pregnancy. It is very much important for every individual to understand the safety of mother and baby during the maternity period. The process of birth is not only concern to biological system of a women but it is highly related to the physiological system of the body. It is repeatedly suggested by the doctors that a women should be calm and happy during her maternity period, it will not help her to stay healthy but it also affect the health of the children.

The first trimester of the pregnancy is very crucial period of the process and it is very important to take proper precaution during this time.  The first rule of pregnancy is that stop doing smoking, taking alcohol or caffeine. The intake of these items may cause infection in the body and also affects on the growth of the fetus. We generally observe that in mild cold and fever, we prefer to take medicine on our own, but it is very much necessary that if you are pregnant you should not take any medication randomly always tell the best gynecologist in Chennai about your pregnancy so that doctor can write prescription accordingly. During a pregnancy, a women is living for two lives one for herself and other for new life inside her, so a women should be careful about her diet. A sufficient quantity of nutrients should be intake by the women which are necessary for her health and as well as for the growth of the baby. Always make sure that proper intake of Vitamin D is there in your diet and also as per the suggestion of the doctor the intake of iron/folic acid tablets must be manage during the period of the pregnancy. It is very much compulsory to keep a track of proper medical test and check on baby’s progress and movement with the help of fertility clinic in Chennai.

Although with the advancement in the medical science, there are many ways to increase labor pain but a person should keep a principle in mind that, ‘the more natural it is- the way healthier it will be’. For the smooth and easy delivery, it is highly recommended that let the Labor Pain starts its own.

A process of giving birth to a child is most difficult and painful situation for women and she always feel better if her loved ones during the difficult time care for her. A continuous emotional support in labor results the mother and baby healthier and happier.

Ellen Cone