Common Keto Diet Mistakes to Elude and Stay on Top

When you plan to start a keto diet there may be a lot of struggle you can experience. It is not easy to totally change your lifestyle. Psychologically you will need to undergo in doing things differently and internally your body is going to make a total transformation. However, those who have participated in keto diet have been impressed on how they no longer experience mental grogginess or fatigue. They don’t hear rumbling hunger noises during the day and even their energy lay stays consistently up from morning till night.

The main purpose of keto is to move your body in a metabolic state called ‘Ketosis’. In ketosis state, the glycogen stores get depleted and your body starts to use fat as resource to produce ketones. These ketones become the energy source of your body.

There are several who do get in the state of ketosis but drop out frequently. Alternatively, there are a few who seem to have difficulty in getting in ketosis state in the first place. Some common mistakes they make needs to be avoided, so as to surpass diet plan without faltering.

The word ‘FATs’ is taboo

As people grow they are regularly told to stay away from FAT but in keto diet you have to eat fat to shed fat. This sounds stupid but it works. After you determine daily fat macros there will be need to consume right kind of fats in massive amounts. More than 75% food consumed needs to be loaded with fats will be from natural trans-fat, saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Shockingly, this is crucial for the success of this diet plan. Therefore, never be concerned about fat amount you need to eat.

Not keeping yourself hydrated

Drinking at least one gallon of water daily is the hardest thing to do. It also means frequent trips to bathroom but soon your body gets used to this amount of water drinking and will start to handle it much better. Water helps your body organs function properly. In addition, you are losing plenty of electrolytes and fluids which can be replaced through water. If you are not hydrated then the body will store fat, which is opposite of what is desired.

Insufficient sleep, not handling stress, and comparing yourself with others is also not helpful. Such mistakes are unavoidable once you gain awareness and prepare yourself appropriately.

May Capobianco