Common mistakes to avoid while choosing the best electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is one of the best dental care appliances you need to invest in if you want to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Powered by a high-performance motor, these brushes help you to clean your teeth thoroughly by making the bristles move in quick and effective movements. The bristles are made to move in upward, rotating, oscillating, pulsing, side to side and other movements as per your requirements. This will ensure that you clean even the most remote corner or edge of your teeth than a normal brush cannot reach.  Therefore, while choosing the best electric toothbrush for you and your family, it is very important to exercise some caution. Stay away from committing the following mistakes if you want full benefits from your toothbrush.

  1. Not focussing on the quality of the bristles

One of the first and foremost points to consider when buying electric toothbrushes is the quality of its bristles. Never invest in a brush just because it has been voted as the “best electric toothbrush 2015”, “best electric toothbrush 2016” and so on, on the internet. Check for the softness of the bristles and buy only those that are soft enough for your delicate gums. If you thought harder bristles will help in more thorough cleaning, you are mistaken. Thanks to the high performance of the motor, bristles are designed to move in rapid and effective movements of various types. Therefore the hardness or softness of the bristles has no role to play in its movement. On the contrary, hard bristles can damage your gums and can cause bleeding in some cases.

  1. Not giving importance to battery life

The best electric toothbrush is the one that offers you many hours of hands-free brushing once it is fully charged. More often than not, brushes that have been voted as the “best electric toothbrush 2015” or any other year may hardly give you three to four days of hands-free brushing time. This only means that their battery life is not up to the expected level. When you are going on a short trip for about a month or so, you should be able to use your brush effectively, even though you don’t carry a charger with you. Conduct an extensive analysis to study about the features and battery life of a particular model before you invest in it.

  1. Not doing proper research

Most of the times, we buy an electric brush because the product’s commercials are attractive or because it has been voted as the “best electric toothbrush 2016” or any other year. It is high time we wake up and stop falling prey to these flashy commercials and tall claims. The internet is a repository of information about electric toothbrushes. Therefore, we need to do a comprehensive research to find out about the leading brands in the industry, their products,  unique features, pros, cons, and methodology of use so that we can take the right call. It is also highly recommended to drill down on a few models and get an expert opinion from professional dentists as to which one would suit your teeth structure the best.

Ellen Cone