Some Common Podiatry Issues

Podiatry is the field of medicine that involves the study of the feet. Podiatry involves studying and treating feet, foot problems, and the effects of those foot problems. There are many different types of problems that can occur with feet. These problems often have many different causes. For example, you can have a bunion in your feet from wearing the wrong shoes for a very long time. Also, you could have poor circulation that causes foot problems. They can have exterior causes, interior causes, and causes beyond your control. An accident that injures your feet is as much an issue for podiatrist as an illness that affects your feet. You need to be in touch with a good podiatrist about a range of issues.

Calluses and Corns

A callus is an area of hardened skin that grows where the skin has been rubbed repeatedly. For example, if you are an athlete or someone who spends a lot of time on your feet, your shoes might press on your feet in different places. Anywhere that your feet experience pressure and friction can result in a callus. In most cases, calluses are harmless; they’re designed to protect your feet and they do so well. If you want your feet to be softer or smoother, a mobile podiatrist in Perth can remove your calluses. They can also be a health problem, though.

In some cases, calluses and corns become so thick that they press against the nerves, bones, and blood vessels in your feet. That will result in pain to your feet. The pain can actually be quite severe.

Misaligned Toes

Your toes are designed to move so that you can maintain your balance and your traction. However, this also means that they can become misaligned if you keep them in ill-fitting shoes for a long time. Those who spend a lot of time in tight shoes or high heels might find that their toes are beginning to migrate. As that happens, it can actually reshape the bones and begin to hurt considerably. If that happens, you need to work with a podiatrist to straighten your toes. There are several different ways to straighten toes; in some cases, you simply need roomier shoes to allow your toes to spread out.

In other cases, you might need braces or even corrective surgery. Your podiatrist will know what works best for you when you consult with him or her. That is true for any number of medical issues that you might be having with your feet. If you’re having a problem with your feet, you need to work with a doctor dedicated to foot issues. A good doctor is in your area; you should call as soon as you notice pain or if you haven’t been to an appointment in a while.

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