Cosmetic Surgery Perspective on Butt Enhancement Procedures

A butt enhancement procedure is a type of surgery that is performed on a person’s buttocks. The purpose of this procedure is to make a patient’s butt look more attractive or appealing. Keep reading the following information to discover how the cosmetic surgery industry views butt enhancements and how this process is carried out.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Outlook on Butt Enhancements

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that 20,673 butt augmentation procedures were performed in the U.S in 2017. This data helps to support the rise in cosmetic surgical procedures for butt enhancements within the United States. Many people want butt lifts because a bigger behind is more appealing. In the past, Americans were more inclined to put the focus on the breast area. Now, people are targeting the area below their waist to create an appealing body.

While butt lift procedures have significantly increased, the vast majority of cosmetic surgical procedures on the body are still being performed on the breast area. By the way, more women than men are having these types of procedures done. The cosmetic industry does not see a problem with the increased attention being paid to the derriere. A plastic surgery website states that they are willing to complete this process for the right candidate who can take this procedure.

What Does A Butt Enhancement Procedure Involve?

Butt enhancement procedures can involve different processes. However, the end goal of most of these processes is to manipulate the tissue within a person’s buttocks to make their rear end to look bigger and wider and to have a fuller appearance. In other words, fat is sculpted within different areas of a person’s buttocks to create a more appealing behind. This process typically uses fat stores already present on a woman’s body to perform this procedure.

Once again women are the primary candidates for this procedure. Still, some men opt for this type of surgery as well. Cosmetic surgeons also perform procedures for Brazilian Butt Lift Houston TX women love. Women’s Health Magazinestates that Brazilian Butt Lifts utilize fat grafting and liposuction to perform procedures. Filler processes and butt implants are also used for butt enhancement procedures.

How Is This Procedure Carried Out When Being Completed?

Most butt enhancement procedures take between 2 and 4 hours to complete. Cosmetic surgeons recommend that patients do not eat or drink anything at least a day before the procedure. Water is okay. Smoking is prohibited a few weeks before and after this procedure is performed because this activity will impact the ability of a person’s body to heal. People who drink will also be advised to avoid alcohol before and after this surgical procedure has been performed.

Next, surgeons want patients to show up early so they can be prepared for their procedure. Patients will generally receive an anesthesia treatment before surgery. Once a patient recovers, they will not be able to use their back side for up to 2 weeks. Results and procedures will vary by cosmetic surgeons and patients. However, this is a general description about how these procedures are routinely performed.