Counselling – A Part of Employee Assistance Programs

Employees need not only be in a perfect physical health but also mentally. They should have a work and personal life balance. That way, they can perform well in the workplace. It is the primary reason why employers offer counselling as a part of the employee assistance programs.

The counselling program is free and offered by employers to their employee to support their overall growth and well-being, especially in the workplace and personal life. Counselling encompasses a wide array of avenue such as work performance, work morale, safety, and psychological health, to name a few.

Some of the benefits of employee assistance programs include the following:

  • Issues that can directly affect their productivity in the workplace will be identified.
  • Ways to address those issues will be identified and explored.
  • Be able to develop plans and create constructive solutions.
  • Work-related issues can be identified and remedied such as issues that have something to do with the employees’ performance, relationship with other employees, conflict and anger management, career change, stress management, and the like.
  • Personal and family issues will be identified and remedies which include but is not limited to emotional and physical abuse, anger management, work-life balance, low self-esteem, parenting issues, financial problems, and legal violence, to name a few.

Employers get in touch with companies that provide the best counselling for their employees. The counselling session is usually offered once or twice a year. It depends on the human resource’s assessment on the productivity of the employees. Other factors need to be considered too such as harmony in the workplace, stress issues, and so on.

Counsellors play a huge role in employee assistance program. They are the one who provide short-term counselling for problems and issues that an employee might be facing in their personal life but can significantly affect their work performance. It can be issues that have something to do with their personal life, family, or even problems with co-workers. These issues need to deal with and a counsellor can be a big help. Big companies make it a point to have an employee assistance program to help their employee become a productive member of the team.

Dee Jones