Dandruff Free Hair – Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Dandruff is the common problem to many people in the entire worldwide region. If you are worrying about regularly hair fall and looking for the right solution to control and stop hair falls. Dandruff is one among the vital source for the hair fall and not impossible to get rid of dandruff after you follow natural remedies.

Reasons for dandruff:-

If you not properly care hair may leads to dandruff and result hair loss. The yeast allergy also leads to dandruff stay on the head and make fungi living on the scalp. The dry skin forms huge amount of dandruff, which highly problem the individual hair loss. Some of the health conditions result to dandruff such as strokes, parkinson’s diseases, poor immunity, seborrhoeic dermatitis and heart diseases form the dandruff. The lack of frequent shampooing form dandruff as well proper shampooing eliminates the dead skin cells and formation of oil on the scalp. Malassezia is also organic fungus grows on the skin surface harmless increase specifically on the oiler regions. The scalp is the right region huge oil glands results to growth of Malassezia and this harmless fungus block sebaceous glands leads to inflammation, itching and dandruff. The improper diet of zinc, fat and vitamins leads to formation of dandruff. If you get extreme level of stress make the way for the dandruff growth and several remedies are waiting for you to avoid hair loss.

Natural remedies to stop hair loss:-

Olive oil:-

Olive oil is one among the excellent remedy to control and completely stop hair loss those people who obtain dandruff. It also acts as a best moisturizer makes the scalp and skin moist. It reduce the growth of dandruff before you apply the olive oil gently heat it. The heating of the olive oil give best results and gently massage on the scalp and leave rest overnight. It enables the skin to absorb deeply the oil and wash the hair morning with gently shampoo.

Pepper and yogurt:-

Yogurt is the appropriate soothing agent make the scalp less scaly and feels hair smooth. The pepper acts an organic anti-fungal substance reduces the dandruff growth. You should take 2 tbsp of pepper powder and take one cup of curd. You can blend the mixture on the scalp and take rest for an hour. After, you rinsed well wash the scalp well with the usual shampoo.

Lemon juice and oil:-

Oil and lemon juice are the great mixture aid you to solve the dandruff problem instantly. Take coconut oil and enough amount of lemon juice 1/6th mixture and gently apply it on the scalp. Now, you have to take rest half an hour after you wash hair with mild shampoo. You should try the remedy regularly for best results.


Neem is the organic remedy for dandruff and fight against harmful bacteria well. Now, you can avoid hair loss with regular use of neem remedy. You have to boil the neem leaves enough count in the water for half an hour and make it as a paste. Apply the mixture on the scalp and stay 30 minutes. Massage well and rinse hair well with water frequently to get expected result and good hair growth.