Dental Implant 101

Today, the dental implant procedure is quite popular among people for replacing lost or damaged teeth with its benefits. In fact, it’s the best long-lasting alternative solution of missing teeth, which dramatically improves the quality of your smile and daily life.

Usually, some people who are not aware of dental implant surgery use to avoid it just because they think it is a complex and painful operation.  But what they are thinking is wrong. During the dental implant procedure, you will have minimal to no pain. The dentist will use anaesthesia during the procedure to get rid of those little discomfort involved in the procedure.

Benefits of Having Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure that comes with many benefits.

  1.   Having dental implants in Melbourne is the closest thing you can get to real teeth. Why? They do not move around or cause bone damage in a way that a dental bridge or dentures might.
  2.   It helps protect your healthy teeth
  3.   Implants serve as a replacement for the roots of your missing tooth
  4.   Implants enable you to enjoy the most natural and satisfying chewing experience.
  5.   Implants look and feel natural
  6.   Dental implant procedures have a high success rate

Most Common Causes of Dental Implant Failure

  1.   Nerve and tissue damage
  2.   Peri-implantitis
  3.   Failed osseointegration

There would be some complications in dental implant if you didn’t choose the right dentist. In case, if you begin to experience discomfort around your dental implants after the implant procedure or experience severe pain during the dental implant procedure, inform your dentist as soon as possible. Are you looking to have a safe and successful dental implant? Contact the efficient and experienced dentist and avoid dental implant failure!

Average Dental Implants Cost 

Usually, the average dental implants cost in Melbourne will depend on the number of implants you need to have, the complexity of the procedure, and the dentist you choose.

For example

  •   The dental implant surgery cost will be between $4,000 to $11,500 if you need other operations such as sinus lift or bone graft.
  •   The dental implant surgery cost would be between $2,850 to $6,500 if your teeth required a straightforward and one-time procedure.

Bottom Line

If you missed your teeth and decided to have bridgework or dentures, then you have chosen the wrong one. When it comes to missing teeth, having dental implants is the most effective solution to simulate the function, look, and feel of the original natural teeth.

In addition, having dental implants in Melbourne comes with many benefits. If you choose the dental clinic like No Gap Dentists, you will get discounts for the cases that required more than two implants. So, you will get the cheap dental implants in Melbourne without compromising the quality.