Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne- An Overview

Old age is not the only reason for losing teeth. Studies show that tooth loss has been a major concern among younger people too. The most common reasons for this problem are trauma, tooth decay, tooth agenesis and gum disease. Missed teeth can seriously affect the self-esteem of an individual. It can also cause jawbone deterioration, facial transformations and other oral health related issues. To avoid such consequences, dentists recommend their patients to have dental implants. They are the most popular and developed teeth replacement option available in the dental industry. However, having dental implants in Melbourne is costlier than the other alternative methods like partial dentures and fixed bridges. The cost of dental implants in Melbourne is higher due to various reasons that are listed below,

  • In the initial assessment stage, the dentist would check the health of your jawbone and teeth to come up with treatment plan. Your dentist would provide you a quote for the dental implant procedure mostly based on this assessment.
  • Diagnostic imaging plays a key role in your dental implant surgery. Without a proper imaging, your dentist cannot completely understand the positioning of your teeth and would lack guidance during the procedure. This requires an additional payment.
  • The original arrangement of implants needs at least two appointments to inject the implants and to place the abutment and tooth crown after a healing duration of 3-6 months.
  • It would take at least two appointments for the completion of the procedure, one for placing the implants and the other for fixing the abutment and crown after the required healing time.
  • The dentist who performs the surgery has to be a periodontist, oral surgeon or specialist in implantology. Therefore, the rate increases naturally.
  • The materials used for the implants are of superior quality so that they can be durable and long-lasting.
  • Bone grafting is really necessary for those who have lost a lot of bone. Though it adds to the cost of dental implants in Melbourne, it increases the longevity of the implants.
  • The type of anaesthesia used influences the rate of the dental implants.

Though you need to pay more initially, it is actually the least expensive option when you plan for over 20-30 years. It is important not to get discouraged by the rate paid by your friends and family. Dental implants have become more affordable and there are clinics that offer Dental implants at cheaper rates. Also, each patient is unique. So, it is best to have a dental consultation with a specialist and find how much you need to pay exactly for your condition. You might be surprised!

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