How Dental Sealants Can Secure & Enhance Your Oral Health

Dental sealants basically function as a barrier against bacteria that causes infection or tooth decay.  Dental sealants are usually applied onto the surface of the back teeth where tooth decay often occurs. After application, these sealants will act as a protective layer and prevent entrapping of food or bacteria. So how do fissure dental sealants act as a preventative measure when it comes to oral health? Take a look:

Protection against Tooth Decay:

Dental sealants are a material that is usually applied by a dentist in Penrith to the surface of the premolars and molars. The resin material will fuse into the pits and fissures subsequently. Even though brushing and flossing can remove food debris and plaque, the toothbrush bristles would be unable to reach into the deepest areas to plaque and food. This is specifically useful for children who would need optimum protection from tooth decay.

Is It Worth The Investment?

Using dental sealants at the earliest possible time before tooth decay shows up can help you avoid the expenses associated with repairing damaged teeth. Other tooth restoration options are usually expensive than dental sealants. Fissure dental sealants will require only a few minutes for application, and do not require invasive or drilling processes. When there are several teeth that are to be protected altogether, dental sealants will act as a cost-effective option for patients.

Is The Dental Sealants Application Complicated?

As mentioned before, the application of dental sealants is easy and would only require a few minutes to seal the tooth. The teeth will be cleaned first, and an acid solution is applied right onto the chewing services to roughen them. The sealant is then applied on the tooth enamel, after which it bonds and hardens with the teeth. Your tooth surface will then be protected from decay. The dental fillings can offer great protection for several years. Make sure that you check the condition of the sealants every time you visit your dentist and reapply whenever necessary.

Are Dental Sealants Only For Children?

The chances of pit and fissure decay usually occur early, which means that children and teenagers will usually benefit from the use of dental sealants. However, dental sealants are applicable for adults as well. To prevent tooth decay and to maintain good oral health, brush your teeth and floss twice daily, eat a balanced diet, reduce the consumption of junk foods, and consult your dentist on a regular basis. Talk to your Penrith dentist to see if dental sealants can add extra protection from tooth decay and a myriad of other dental problems.

Dental sealants are indeed a good choice for those aiming to maintain good oral health, regardless of age. So, what are you waiting for? Protect yourself from the ordeal of common dental problems with the application of fissure dental sealants at your nearest dental clinic in Penrith today.

May Capobianco