Different Kinds Of Cellulitis

Cellulitis can be defined as a form of skin infection and it is caused by bacteria named Staphylococcus. There are different kinds of results that this infection can have on the affected area of your skin as well as the organs that are located nearby. The commonest symptoms of cellulitis may be enumerated as below:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • fever
  • chills
  • softness of skin tissues

However, if you looked carefully at the different kinds of cellulites you would see that they come with different results and as such the treatment for each of them tends to differ a lot from others as well.

If you knew the kind of cellulitis that you are suffering from you can be certainly in a better position as far as availing treatment is concerned. Obviously, your doctor will always have a say in that but there is no harm in knowing yourself. In fact when you know what exactly has happened to you, you would be able to understand the jargon that your doctor uses during conversations on the condition. You can easily trust eCellulitis.com for this purpose.

Leg cellulitis

This is also referred to as cellulitis of the extremities. The most evident symptoms of this disease are extreme pain, swelling, and tenderness in muscles that happens due to the enzymes that are produced by the bacteria. As the name would indicate this normally happens in your legs.

However, the symptoms of this disease can be distributed to your arms as well. Bacteria named S. Aureus causes this disease among adults. Symptoms of this disease can be seen in your mouth and skin as well. As per doctors, there are certain factors that are supposed to contribute to this disease. One of them is pregnancy among women and the other one is radiation therapy.     

In fact, surgery that leads to trauma and wounds may also lead to leg cellulitis. Moreover, leg cellulitis are one of the side-effects that might happen when cancer patients are being subjected to chemotherapy.

Orbital cellulitis

In this case, the symptoms are pretty similar as well but it happens in and around the eye sockets of the infected person. It happens because of a type B bacterium named Haemophilus Influenzae. This infection normally affects children especially ones who have had lingering infections in areas such as teeth, face, and middle ear.

In this case the situation is exacerbated most often by infection in the sinus area. The main reason for such an assertion is the fact that it is pretty close to the eyes. This is quite a serious infection in the sense that it can affect the eye movement, as well as visual acuity, of the person in question.    

Some other common forms of cellulites are:

  • periorbital cellulitis – happens in the eyelids and other external areas near eyes
  • facial cellulitis – happens primarily in the cheeks
  • perianal cellulitis – happens primarily in the anal orifice
  • breast cellulitis – happens primarily in the breast skin

Before you take any step as such do consult your doctor so that proper treatment can be availed.