Different stages of Cataracts occurring in the eye of a dog

The problem of cataract can be seen in many of the dogs nowadays. There are certain breeds of dogs which are mostly suffering from this problem. To check the list of dogs suffering please looks at https://www.petinsuranceu.com/cataracts-in-dogs/. The symptoms of cataract can be founded when the dog is scratching their eyes frequently and roaming differently in the house. The proper treatment for removing a cataract is only through a surgery. The surgery has to be implemented at the initial stage. Otherwise, the dog will be going to suffer from this problem through their life. The problem of cataract occurs usually occurs when the dog is getting older. There is mainly four stage of cataract from which a dog suffers.

  1. Incipient Stage: It is an initial stage where only a small amount of white area is seen. This type of cataracts does not require any amount of surgery. The incipient cataracts are very small and the dogs only find it that they are suffering from it. They would try to tell their owner about the condition but it seems so small that the reason of their telling becomes vain. But a good owner always understands what the pet is going to tell.
  1. Immature Stage: this is the stage where the fluid had been covering on the eyelids of a dog. The Swelling can be seen easily which comes out from the fluid that is building this is a phase. A different eye layer can be seen which is slowly filling the eyes and covering it. It is also the phase where surgery has to be done. If this condition is ignored then more consequences can occur when the swelling starts to increase on the eyelids.
  1. Mature Stage: This is the stage where cataracts have been grown and covered the whole outer layer of the eyes. The eyes had been already damaged and surgeries at this stage have minimum outcomes. Some treatments have been founded of inserting an artificial lens but making the dog have their back is comparatively very less.
  1. Hypermature stage: This is the most advanced stage of cataracts where cataracts become more completely visible to every person. The chances of getting a surgery are not possible because the cataract has already been infected the eyes. Placing the lens is not recommended because it will only be doing further damage to eyes.
Stanley Kessinger