Dispelling the False Myths Surrounding the Breast Implant Procedure

Breast implant does a lot of advantages to the woman fork. It does not only make a woman look more womanly but also enhances her sex appeal and does much more. In a nutshell, breast augmentation comes with an insurmountable range of benefits. Sadly, there has been a strong underground campaign focused on discrediting boobs job. Well, globally, no one is perfect and no procedure guarantees a 100% safety. Anything including a delicious meal has its drawbacks. A serious procedure like breast augmentation, plastic surgeons involved do their best to guarantee a near perfect outcome. Here are some unfounded myths surrounding boobs job and the why they just may be sheer imaginations.

That augmented breasts look fake. To say the least, the claim that breast enhancement simply doesn’t look or feel like natural is laughable. Quite often, silicone implants will move with the body and remain naturally stationary during activities such as jumping, lying in bed, or even running. In fact, breast augmentation makes the breast appear stiffer and admirable during such activities.

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That large implant is but a pipe dream. Seriously! Can somebody insist on this? Talk to any plastic surgeon even the one who graduated from the medical school yesterday and see how a big lie this is. The proponents reason that it’s extremely difficult for a bigger percentage of women to receive large implants because they may not have enough skin to properly cover the extra large surface area of boobs job. Well, today, even a woman with a tight chest can have large breast augmentation. There are a number of ways to carry out large successful silicone breast implant.

All breast enhancement surgeries leave unsightly scars. This is an argument that has been dismissed by some not only plastic surgeons in Sydney but across the globe. Whereas any type of surgery includes nose job leaves a scar, breast augmentation isn’t an exception. However, it’s not as exaggerated as its proponents insist. The procedure’s location incision determines the visibility of the scarring. Besides, most scars fade slowly by slowly until they are almost invisible. Very few women are ever left with mild scarring after their surgeries. Needless to say, the prospect of slight scarring shouldn’t deter many women from embracing breast enhancement.

That a lot is required to manage the healing process. This is unbelievable. Almost all types of surgeries including the sensitive ones like nose job need some kind of care after surgery. Breast enhancement isn’t an exception. Regardless of one’s age, the direction to handle any healing process os just the same. Most surgeons advise patients not to lift heavy loads, not to engage in some activities like swimming, to take days off from work and to honor doctor’s appointments. So, all women including 40 years old women need not fear the procedure simply because of the afterward procedure.

That the procedure is a costly. People plan for vacations, huge investments worth billions of dollars, education and much more. Why not plan for something as beautiful as breast augmentation? Besides, how much is breast implant anyway? Just a few thousand dollars. For much less than most expenses that women make.

Ellen Cone