Does Delivery Process Have Any Effect On THC Levels Of Marijuana?

There are a number of ways to ingest THC. The method of ingestion, or delivery, can vary the type of high that you get. While the levels of THC can be the same for a joint, an edible, or a massage oil, the amount of chemical that reaches your brain will vary with the method of ingestion. Pharmacologically, your method of intake is your method of cannabis delivery. Here are a few ways that cannabis delivery methods can affect the THC levels:

Edibles and Metabolism: If you choose edibles as your preferred method of cannabis delivery, you may be getting more of a high because of stomach and liver metabolism – you just have to wait for it. Once you ingest your edible, it will end up being digested and converted to more easily cross the blood brain barrier, giving you a more intense experience.Image result for Does Delivery Process Have Any Effect On THC Levels Of Marijuana?

Ointments: If you choose an ointment as your preferred method of cannabis delivery, the THC will have to pass your skin in order to reach the sensors in your brain. While this avoids the first pass metabolism of digestion, it still may leave you short of your originally intended dose.

Inhalation: Whether you are smoking a joint, or smoking from a pipe or bong, inhalation is an excellent cannabis delivery system. The THC will reach your receptors within minutes and you will not lose any chemical to metabolism. The efficacy of inhalation as a method of cannabis delivery is part of the reason that smoking marijuana has remained popular despite alternative sources of intake.

Speaking of Delivery- Can These Be Delivered To My House?

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Ellen Cone