Dog Bites and You: What You Need to Know for Health and Compensation

The people of the United States love dogs, and according to the survey of Humane Society, 54.4 million households in 2015-2016 owned dogs. It proves that many people love dogs. The dogs protect the houses of the owner, not only that; the dogs play with the children. So, the people love the dogs too much.

Reports of Some Surveys

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 4.5 million dog bites cases are registered in the USA every year, and about 885,000 injured persons need medical treatment for the injuries. The data proves that it is a serious matter in the USA.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality did a survey in 2015 and showed the cost of the medical treatment is also high. Average treatment cost of per patient was $18,200, and the cost is rising every year.

However, the injured persons should not worry because they have right to get compensation, but they should know the steps after the incident for getting compensation.

What Should A Person Do If A Dog Bites?

The individual should consult with a physician as soon as possible after the incident. It may be possible the injury is not so severe but should discuss with a doctor. Only the doctors have vast knowledge and can take proper care.

A victim should ask the owner of the dog if the dog is vaccinated or not. It is essential, and the victim should not forget to ask it. The doctor will also ask this question from the victim for treatment.

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Common Question: Can I Get Compensation For My Injury?

Doubtlessly the aggrieved person has right to get compensation but should inform the insurance company and the owners of the dogs as soon as possible about the incident. The dog owners can be sued if he or she denied the case.

The Injured Person Can Get Compensation For

  1. Medical bills
    2. Income loss

    Medical Bills

The patient should take proper medical care, otherwise, can face serious problem shortly or in future. It is right that the cost of the care is high, but the person should not be worried about the treatment cost. He or she has the right to get compensation from the insurance company. So, the patient should consult with a physician and take treatment without hesitation.

Lost Income

The injured person has right to get compensation for the lost income. If the individual is seriously ill and takes time off from work for treatment, diagnosis, then he has right to get compensation from the insurance provider.

Does an Insurance Company Pay The Money

Sometimes the insurance company denies paying the amount which the victim expects, and it is natural. The company will pay the price if the amount is small. If the injury is severe and expects more compensation, then the insurance company can deny paying the price.

However, it is not a worrying matter. The victim should consult with the Dog Bite Lawsuit LA for the compensation. Yes, only the experienced lawyers can help the victim to get better compensation.

These are the necessary steps, and a victim of a dog bite should know all the steps. Hope, this article will assist the victims to get ideas.

Ellen Cone