Don’t go for a Degree-Mill! Choose a Suitable Bachelor’s Degree

There are many different types of undergraduate programmes. Therefore, before deciding which bachelor’s degree is right for you, it is advisable to delve into the same and have a clear picture of the various types of undergraduate programmes available. In this case, what do abbreviations BBA, B.A, B.Sc. or B.F.A mean? Which one will you choose?

  1. A- Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Art degree is awarded to students following a programme in liberal arts or study fields covered in humanities and social sciences. Bachelor of Arts is the most ordinary among undergraduate courses. The degree takes three to four years to complete. The study field covered in this Arts programme include languages, journalism, communication and international relations. A number of B.A studies as well include Economy, Mathematics,  and other subjects however their curriculum is lighter. Bachelors of Art programme is mainly focused on theoretical knowledge.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts refers to all fields of study including scientific ones particularly in traditional universities such as the University of Phoenix. Examples include B.A in Graphic Design at London College of Contemporary Arts and Business Management at the American International University in London.

Don’t confuse B.A for a B.F.A degree!

Bachelor of Arts is an academic degree while Bachelor of Fine Arts programme is a professional degree. While studying B.F.A you dedicate your study to either visual or performing arts. The other one-third of B.F.A coursework involves studying Liberal Arts in the fields of psychology, history, and literature among others.

  1. Bachelor of Engineering Degree

An Bachelor in Engineering is equal to a Bachelor of Science degree and offers sequential Masters Studies. However, the Bachelor of Engineering is offered after taking one of the Sciences in Engineering. The degree can last between three to five years depending on specialization. There are further degree types owing to the numerous possibilities for specialization in the area of engineering. The types include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Business Engineering
  1. BAS- Bachelor of Applied Science degree

A Bachelor of Applied Science is a study that has practical applications just like a Degree in Nursing. However, a Bachelor of Applied Science can have different meaning depending on the country. In Netherlands and Canada, a BAS is a professional degree and is equivalent to a Bachelor in engineering programme. In United States colleges and universities, a BAS is a technical degree that is considered an applied course. Students that usually go for a Bachelor of Applied Science are professionals that have professional certifications, however, are interested in advancing their technical skills for the workplace.

  1. Sc.-Bachelor of Science degree

The Bachelor of Science degree is an undergraduate degree that just focuses on blending research practice with the theoretical knowledge. This degree is often awarded to the students of mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and IT, engineering and technology. A Bachelor of Science program takes three to four years to complete. In some cases, Bachelor of Science degrees can be found in study areas like nursing, law, business, medicine, architecture, and hospitality.

  1. B.A- Bachelor of Business Administration

 Bachelor of Business Administration degrees entails all subjects related to business administration. Typical courses you can take at the University of Phoenix are management, economics, accounting among others. BBAs are usually the most comprehensive management degrees in terms of business theory and practice thus help you understand how a company works.

Types of BBAS

  • Bachelors in Business Management – teaches you the management and leadership part of running a company.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- teaches you the math and analytical sides of the business.
  1. B- Bachelor of Law degree

Bachelor of Law degree entails all study areas in the line of the law. The Bachelor of Law is not widespread like other bachelor’s degree such as the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts. For instance, Bachelor of Law does not exist in the U.S. However, the degree is most popular in many parts of the world and it paves the manner to becoming a lawyer as long as you get experience and pass bar exams.


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