Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Effecting American Families Like Never Before

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has begun to affect American families on such an intensive level that it is feared that these problems truly will create epidemics across the nation. The only way to stop this from occurring is having a drug rehab Skokie in place to help those in need. It has been particularly hard on American families as ninety percent of the time those who are addicted are either young adults between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five or fathers and mothers between the ages of thirty and fifty.

For some insight into the gruesome addiction situation, some facts and statistics have been included below:

  • One of the most critical issues that takes the most lives in the United States is drunk or drugged driving.  In sad truth, more than thirty-one million Americans drove after drug or alcohol use in the year 2013. The highest rate of those who committed this crime was among 18- to 25-year-olds, also age range that has the most deaths from drug and alcohol abuse.
  • There has been a seriously critical increase in the amount of visits to emergency departments as a result of drug abuse.  The total and saddening number of drug-related emergency department visits increased by over eighty-one percent from the year 2004 (roughly two and a half million) to 2009 (almost five million).

Finding Support for Addiction and Substance Abuse Problems Online

Thankfully, there is a silver lining throughout all of this.  There is no doubt about it, there is a growing number of family members of people struggling with addiction that are now finally finding help through online support groups according to The Wall Street Journal and its reporters. These groups offer flexibility and real-time help for the family members of drug and alcohol addicts and substance abusers.

Many parents have now been saying that they look for support online because they are ashamed to discuss the problem with family or friends and it is much easier type words into a computer than to say them out loud.  Thankfully, the internet is there to assist people with such tasks.

The groups essentially include small and informal groups too, as well as large groups such as The Addict’s Mom, which has more than 70,000 members on Facebook all in all. Some groups, such as Shatterproof, advocate for legislation to combat addiction as it stands.  In the end, there are actually a lot of support groups that one can find for one’s addiction problem and struggle.  One can also find support for oneself if one has a family member or loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol.

There is no reason why one should have to suffer alone.  That is totally unnecessary.  There are hundreds if not thousands of support groups out there who can step in and offer kind and peaceful and most importantly helpful guidance and succor to those who struggle, be it the addict themselves or their family members and loved ones and friends. There are also several drug rehabs available to help such as the drug rehabilitation Skokie for anyone in Skokie or in the Illinois area. This tool will be vital and immensely helpful in Skokie.

May Capobianco