Enjoy a Quality and Healthier Life by Using an Essential Oil Diffuser


Nowadays more people focus on alternative ways to cure health problems and to heal diseases to enjoy a better quality of life. Aromatherapy is popular as people came to the realisation that many benefits can be reaped from going the alternative way, compared to synthetic remedies.

Thus, the essential oil diffuser was created. This device spreads essential oils into the air of a room or office and can also be used in hospitals, homes, health spas, hotels and cars.

    Advantages of a Diffuser


  • Kills bacteria, viruses and microbes
  • Eliminates moulds, bad odours, mildew, dust mites and dust
  • Combat pet dander, spores, pollen, allergens
  • Has a calming effect
  • Easing lung-problems
  • Improving sex-life
  • Relaxation of a tired mind and body

    What can one place in the diffuser


The majority of essential oils can be used in a diffuser. You can also mix three oils together. However, a blend should never be added to a blend or oils mixed with almond- or olive oil. Diffusers can be purchased at health spas, wholesalers or aromatherapy stores.

    What kind of Diffuser to purchase


Many people prefer the cold diffuser which sprays the oils in a fine mist into the air. With no heat, the oil molecules stay flawless which gives you the ability to breathe it into the lungs. Not only is surrounding air cleansed and ionized, but mould and odours are neutralized too. As a bonus your room will smell absolutely super!

    Types of Diffusers available


  • Evaporative Diffusers: Examples

Clay diffusers


Reed diffusers


  • Heat Diffusers: Examples


Tea-light burners

Aroma-therapy candles.

  • Ultra-sonic Diffusers

This kind of diffuser vibrates the water which comprises of essential oils, using high-electronic frequencies.

  • Nebulizers or Cold-Air Diffusers


This type of diffusers / nebulizers use suppressed air at room temperature, atomizing the oils into micro-molecules, which are released in the air.


Diffusing Essential Oils: The Best Method for       Therapeutic Purposes


  1. Diffusing just the oils, not the wax or carrier oil
  2. Producing the tiniest oil-molecules for absorbing and inhaling
  3. Area must be large enough, covering a bedroom or living              room of average size

  1. Does not cause any change in the essential oils’ composition

The nebulizer can fulfil all these above-mentioned conditions. When using such a device for health reasons, we advise you to purchase a nebulizer / cold-air diffuser.

    Factors to consider when choosing


  • The key factor is the size of the room
  • Larger areas will require a large diffuser compared to       smaller rooms
  • Safety measures. Heat-diffusers may be prone to be        unsafe due to fire risks.
  • Heat can destroy the oil’s benefits.
  • The ultrasonic type of diffuser has the ability to diffuse      all essential oils.

    Time needed to diffuse?


In general a room will be diffused for about 10-minutes each hour, to keep the air saturated. For instant relief of asthma or bronchitis it is advisable to take an hour, but at low power.

Do your research online and purchase the diffuser perfect for your unique needs.


Stanley Kessinger