Erectile Dysfunction: About “Opening Up” Drugs and More

Erectile dysfunction is a distressful sexual discrepancy but let us tell you that it’s not the end of your sex life. It is a condition characterized by the male partner’s inability to achieve proper erection required for a fulfilling sexual session. Erectile Dysfunction or ED (as it is often called) is essentially viewed as an embarrassing condition as a result of which most men out there shy away from speaking about it openly.

Why should you speak up about Erectile Dysfunction?

While most of the sufferers fear that the world out there will end up questioning their masculinity, there are a few who choose to rightfully treat ED as an essentially treatable problem. As a sufferer, you should ideally seek medical solutions to the problem instead of cowering under stress and let your conjugal life remain adversely affected thus.

Silence is never the answer to your woes

There are others who choose to remain silent because they are not even aware of the serious consequences that this sexual problem entails. Do you know that bad sex can even go on to spell an end of your married life? The world is no stranger to the news of couples parting ways only because of a poor sex life. The only “solution” is to seek a “solution” in the first place. Approaching the right sexologist and the right medication is the answer to your woes.

What should you find out about the drugs?

The best thing you can do is open up about the problem at the first place. Seeking medical help – you will actually come to know a lot about the drugs that are employed for treating erectile dysfunction. Notably, though the generic drugs are low priced compared to the branded ones – it is not correct to assume that these drugs are not as efficacious as the branded ones are.

As soon as you come to know about it, you inevitably end up questioning the price difference between generic and branded drugs. We can explain the same to you as well. Do know for a fact that the price difference exists because of the packaging and the brand name. Otherwise, the ingredients used are almost similar. As such, the efficacy of these drugs is almost similar as well.

Sildenafil Citrate made in India and More

For instance, let us tell you that Sildenafil Citrate made in India is almost similar to that of the well-known branded drug Viagra by Pfizer. In fact, Sildenafil Citrate has similar ingredients as that of other generic drugs made in India as well.

Do not – under any circumstances – end up thinking that generic drugs come from less reputed pharmaceutical companies. They are equally reputed – even though not backed by flashy brand value.

Fildena, for instance, notably contains PDE5 inhibitors that are considered highly effective for addressing ED or erectile dysfunction. It is taken orally and works by preventing the action of phosphodiesterase enzyme. This particular enzyme breaks down cyclic guanosine monophosphate. If the enzyme is rendered useless with the help of medication, your erection remains unaffected.

May Capobianco