Excessive Burping Causes

Burping is a very common physical process and everybody has experienced burping. Through burping excessive gas in our stomach is ejected. It is very normal and you don’t have to worry about it in most cases. However, if exceeding normal frequency, burping and be very painful and embarrassing you can check http://vkool.com/causes-of-excessive-burping/ for a solution. There are a lot of reasons why excessive burping happens, including both physical and mental reasons. Here are some commonly seen causes that may lead to this disease.

Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits consist of a lot of items. In the first place, overeating will lay too much burden on the digestive system, which will make too much gas produced in the stomach. So will eating at the wrong time. Eating too much oily or spicy food will make too much digestive juice secreted and is also a main cause of this disease. Talking while eating your meal will make you take in too much air, which will make the situation worse.

Some Specific Kinds of Food

Some kinds of food will create a lot of gas in your stomach, including cabbage, beans, onions, milk, and ice cream. Carbonated beverages such as beer and soda, containing too much carbon dioxide, may cause serious burping. Try to avoid these kinds of food and drink to prevent burping from happening.


Being anxious and frustrated is a very serious problem, which may disturb the normal functioning of your organs and cause a lot of troubles, excessive burping included.

Some Other Habits

Several other habits may lead to excessive burping. It is a little difficult to tell the reason. But they just do cause the trouble. Such habits include chewing gums and chewing tobaccos. Even wearing dentures may be a reason. Make sure your dentures fit properly. Loose fitting dentures may contribute to too much burping.


Don’t neglect this factor. The levels of some hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, which makes digestive system slow down by relaxing the muscle tissues of the gastrointestinal tract. Another reason is the expansion of the uterus at the later period of pregnancy. The grown uterus fills the abdominal space, lowers the efficiency of the digestion process and causes excessive burping.

Diseases and Disorders

This disease may suggest that something is wrong in your body. Examples are acid reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome and gallbladder disease. You need to refer to professional materials for further information.

We have talked about some major reasons causing excessive burping. If you are suffering from the burping problem, try to do something based on the information provided vkool.com.

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