Experience True Change At Our Drug Treatment Centre Los Angeles

Our center is unique because we understand that clients come from different backgrounds and have different needs. We, therefore, take into account these unique needs when administering individualized care to our clients. Our recovery services at Drug treatment Centre Los Angeles reflect a deep commitment to customized and individualized care.

Our unique facility provides personalized care to our clients in a safe environment. We believe that change is possible for everyone who is treated at our centers. Nexus provides the necessary tools and resources needed to facilitate positive change so that each individual is willing to live meaningful and productive lives. We believe that such positive change can come about through the support provided by our highly-trained staff and tight-knit community. Clients can, therefore, enjoy the smooth recovery process from addiction to alcohol and drugs so that they find purpose in life.

A Different Approach To Recovery

The programs offered at Nexus Recovery center are carefully curated and based on evidence and backed up by a top-notch team. We want to ensure that our facilities best suit an individual’s unique needs. Therefore before being accepted into our recovery program, we recommend that a potential client first speaks with a Nexus recovery advisor. This will help us determine if the client will be best cared for in our facility or will do better under a different program. Even if the latter is the case, we are willing to provide further assistance in terms of referral services.

Experience Tranquility At Our Facility

We want to ensure our clients and their families feel comfortable and welcomed. We have therefore created such an environment by providing facilities such as a group room, client lounge, kitchen, community room, and library so that clients feel part of a close-knit family. There is ample space for social activities such as movie nights and other educational events where clients can get to interact with each other and have fun. We want to get rid of the idea that recovery is a rigid and boring experience. Our amenities make it possible for clients to still do what they love the most while undergoing the recovery process.

Located in Los Angeles, California our private clinic offers on-site parking and a discreet entrance so that clients who do not wish to publicize their admittance to our centers may enjoy some privacy. The clinic’s close proximity to Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey and other social amenities such as restaurants, parks, and spas provides great tranquility and peace of mind for our clients.

If you or a loved one needs help visit our state-of-the-art facility to see how we can arrange for a treatment program. Contact us for a tour of the center.

Different Levels of Care Provided

  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol has been widely accepted in most part of the world and therefore it is no wonder alcohol addiction has become a norm in modern society.  Drinking alcohol has become part of any social event and it is often advertised on our screens. However, such a casual approach to alcoholism is misguided because the fact is that alcohol is a drug and it is an addictive substance in America. An estimated 17.6 million people suffer from alcoholism and only 10% of this number will receive treatment.

Since alcohol becomes commonplace, it is challenging to know when alcohol has become a problem. According to the American Psychiatric Association, there are various stages of alcoholism which can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. When there is a loss of control around alcohol and a looming negative feeling in the absence of alcohol, then those are the signs to indicate that it is time to consider treatment.

We recognize that alcohol addiction is a chronic brain disease, therefore, we have a team of healthcare professionals in the mental field who specialize in addiction recovery. We have tools to support our clients achieve full-term sobriety while providing a safe environment so that they can focus on their recovery process.

We appreciate the fact that although a group of clients may all suffer from alcohol addiction, they have unique needs and different circumstances. Therefore, the treatment process at Drug Treatment Centre Los angles is customized to meet each of these needs.

We want to investigate the underlying cause of alcohol abuse. This knowledge helps us to teach our clients practical life skills so that they can be accepted back into their families and communities.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

  • Risking your life or those around you when under the influence
  • Spending too much on alcohol
  • Becoming defensive when a friend mentions that we have a drinking problem
  • Frequent alcohol cravings
  • When drinking interferes with our work or home life
  • Frequent blackout when drunk

The long-term effects of alcohol abuse can be damaging to a person’s physical and emotional health. Financial problems also occur as a result of alcohol abuse. There is the risk of cancer of the liver, mouth, and throat. Brain damage, memory loss, heart disease, and dementia are some of the serious health complications that result from alcohol abuse.

When clients understand these adverse effects and their damaging results even to those loved ones then they become more resolved to make the most out of our treatment program so they can go back to society as responsible citizens. They can make meaningful decisions and have goals.

Contact Us

We are ready to help our clients on the smooth road to recovery through our program. We take each individual circumstance into account before treating a person. If you have an addiction problem or know a person who needs help, we are ready to take you through the admission process. Fill in the form on the site to contact us. Alternatively, you can send an email and we will promptly reply basically within 48 hours. All communication is kept confidential.