An extra boost of energy

We all experience fatigue once in a while. We tend to overwork ourselves and not even notice it, that’s why we usually feel more and more tired even when we’re doing nothing. Long hours of work, whether mentally or physically will eventually take its toll on our bodies, that’s why some people turn towards supplements that offer that extra ounce of energy that we need every day.

There are a lot of ways to increase energy such as taking energy drinks or drinking coffee. While these may prove to be effective, it only lasts for quite some time and when you’re coming down from that sugar rush or caffeine high, you will definitely be more tired than you were at the beginning. Supplements like adrafinil however, do not have those “crashing” effects you feel after it wears off. You wouldn’t feel more tired, you would be re-energized even.

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Nootropic boost of energy

Adrafinil is a type of energy supplement that targets and stimulates your central nervous system and gives you that much needed energy you are looking for to get through the day. Constant overworking may and will lead to fatigue and this specific supplement is just the key to prevent it. As a stimulant, it doesn’t only help fight off sleepiness but also adds a little bit more gas to your tank so you can go for longer without feeling tired.

Spidey sense?

No, not really. But what it will do aside from keeping you awake is increase your alertness. This way you’re not just awake, you’re really awake. Aside from assisting you battle the urge to crawl back into bed, it also enhances your mood so you might feel a bit enthusiastic about going to work, it also makes you more motivated so that means getting back in bed is out of the question. Aside from that, your spidey sense (reaction time) is also enhanced so that means you wouldn’t feel woozy and out of sync.

Improve cognitive functions.

Not only does this capsule full of energy make you fight off sleepiness and make you feel energetic enough to tackle your every day battles, it also gives you more improved cognitive functions such as improved memory, very useful if you just pulled an all-nighter for a big exam, heightened focus, this way you will stay alert and have the ability to focus on what you are currently doing and not get distracted easily, you also get to have an increased learning capacity so your brain can take in more information than usual without getting fried.

Use only as needed

Although side effects from the supplement are quite unlikely, there are documented cases though that some people experience side effects ranging from mild and annoying to more serious side effects. Which is why it is important to consult with your physician first before taking it to avoid any future complications. It is also important to follow the recommended dosage and usage as well, stick to it and you won’t have any problem.

Energy is something that we need daily and sometimes the energy we have just barely helps us get through the day, taking energy supplements such as adrafinil will greatly improve our energy as well as our performance. Just be sure to ask advice from your physician first before taking the supplement for you to be sure that you won’t experience any problems.

Stanley Kessinger