First Steps: My First Electronic Cigarette What Do I Do Now?

Know Your Electronic Cigarette

The first thing is to familiarize yourself in every way with your new electronic cigarette before using it. The second and most important thing, read the manual carefully, that is, understand the instructions, use and warnings. We know that sometimes we leave the manual aside, but it is imperative to know your new tool!

Turn on the battery (usually with five clicks in a row on the button) to check if it is charged. If it does not turn on, charge it with the supplied cable until it is fully charged. We don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of vaping!

Next, fill the tank with your e-liquid. To refill the tank do it slowly, dropping the liquid through the wall of the container, to prevent fluid from falling into the central post of the claromizer; In this way, you will avoid wetting the resistance and that the liquid falls outside. So, we are completing the first steps to maximize your experience.

If the resistance is new, pour 3-4 drops of liquid inside. This to give better lubrication and improve its operation. Then, place it again and fill the Claromizer to the maximum line. Let it stand for a few minutes so that the liquid soaks the resistance cotton. If you start vaping with dry cotton, you will burn the resistance cotton, and it will remain unusable.

How To Treat It

Take special care with the threads. Generally, forcing the threads or tightening them for more, produces that it ends up spoiling the equipment. Also making it unusable. Because in addition to your first steps to launch the e-cigarette, we must also know how to take care of it!

Take the mouthpiece of the vape to your mouth, press the button and simultaneously inhale slowly and prolongedly. Do not vape with your e-Cig as if it were a traditional cigar. Vape with tranquillity, with slow and prolonged puffs and you will get dense steam and a good flavour.

If steam is not produced, check that the battery is on (it should light up when the button is pressed). Many times, we do not realize, and it is not on or has very little battery not letting its operation be fulfilled. There are times when the device does not detect the resistance, and when the button is pressed the light flashes and does not work. This is possible because the resistance base does not make correct contact with the battery. To facilitate communication, it is enough to pinch weakly and take out half a millimetre the metal pin (the metal part that is surrounded by a rubber) at the bottom of the resistor. Then you must re-thread the resistance to the equipment by tightening the thread well.

It may also be that the resistance has burned, so the solution is to replace it with a new one. If you enjoyed the read, you might want to share with your friends, here are some media files to use.